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Try some of the yummiest & healthiest bento box lunches for summer with a guide on how to turn them into plant-based ones. These Cute bento box ideas for lunch are also perfect for school & work.

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cute bento box lunch ideas

Cute Bento Box Lunch Ideas Kids Will Love

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Bento box lunches are becoming more and more popular in every country. Why? Well, it’s super easy to meal prep them, they’re delicious, healthy, and of course, can look super cute if you make a little extra effort. Unfortunately, most of the bento box recipes are still made with animal products so we decided to create this post to help you learn how to turn any bento lunch box into a vegan one.

Best Vegan Substitutes For Bento Box Lunches:

Making your vegan bento lunches has never been easier. Luckily we can easily get a healthy, organic, and delicious vegan substitute online and get delivered to us the next day. Here are some of our favorite ones that are healthy and ready-made so we don’t have to spend extra time making them at home.

Ham – Plant-Based Applewood Smoked Sliced Ham
Hot Dogs – Smart Dogs, Veggie
Eggs – Vegan Egg

You’ll find here healthy and easy-to-make bento lunches that are perfect for school or work. From high-protein bento lunches to fun bento box lunches for anime fans, you’ll find here all kinds of cute bento ideas that will treat your taste buds and fill you up with healthy nutrients.

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These delicious and cute bento lunch ideas are perfect for summer because while they’re packed with nutrients they’re also easy on the stomach and feel nice even on hot summer days. Are you not an experienced cook? Don’t you worry! These recipes might look difficult but they’re fool-proof and are perfect for bento beginners. You can just follow along with the step-by-step recipes or even the videos and learn how to make your own perfect and cute bento lunch.

What do I need to create cute bento box lunches?

You can just use a knife but you can also find all kinds of cute mold shapers for onigiri and other rice balls. As well as cute bento boxes that will let you carry your cute creations wherever you might go. But don’t worry even if you don’t have any special bento accessories you’ll still be able to create these tasty and cut delights.

1. How To Make Cute Bento Box Lunches

Just one Cookbook gets pretty creative and the animal figures not only look super cute but it’s also fairly easy to recreate. If you want to surprise your kids or your kawaii fan partner, you know what to do. Bento box food art makes a huge difference. You can turn a simple sandwich into the coolest bites in town. If preparing it for children, you can get them to eat healthy stuff they wouldn’t otherwise. It is often said, half of the dining experience depends on the presentation, now it may just take over another ten percent.

2. Simple Cute Bento

Simple Cute Bento box ideas for lunch

We are lucky because it doesn’t take long to find really cute Japanese bento box ideas online. Who wouldn’t want their rice balls smiling at them? Imagine the delight when you open your bento box and a small group of cuties smile at you. It surely makes everyone’s day, why not surprise someone in the family? You can turn everything adorable with very little meal prepping, it takes only a few minutes. Once you are making a meal, adjusting the level of cuteness takes nearly no time. Japan Centre has a super simple and super cute Japanese bento box recipe. Just switch the eggs & ham to vegan and you’re good to go.

3. Ridiculously Cute Bento Box Lunch

Inga with BuzzFeed recreates all the super cute bento box ideas on camera. It is a huge help for everyone, as she doesn’t necessarily make it look easy. Imagine if you could recreate all the amazing bento box food art you can find on the internet. Now, with the help of another sort of beginner, you can get into making your favorite themed bites. Again, just because something looks difficult, it doesn’t mean it has to be. You can learn it, not just learn it, master it. If you want to turn this recipe into a healthy plant-based one you just have to switch the ingredients to vegan ones. We mostly get our ingredients from Amazon because it’s simple to get any vegan food in a gluten-free organic version.

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4. Cute Anime Bento Box Lunch Recipe

Although some bits are not easy to recreate vegan, you will enchant your little ones with these ideas. You can replace most of the pieces, eggs can be substituted with tofu and there are vegan sausages too. If you find a good vegan sausage, you can make cute little octopuses just like the meaty ones. With very little effort, you can make a colorful, delicious box, which everyone is going to love. What makes it great, you do not have to change your approach to meal planning to make cute dishes. It can be healthy and cute at the same time. you can check out the full recipe in detail on TasteMade.

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5. Totoro High Protein Bento Box Lunch for Ghibli Fans

These cute and fun bento box lunches would make any Ghibli fan smile in an instant. It not only looks adorable and with this great easy-to-follow video you’ll learn how to make this super fun bento box lunch recipe for your next summer party. It’s also a great dinner idea or even can be a unique movie night food idea for your next family get-together. It’s a yummy, healthy, and high-protein bento box lunch you can easily turn into a delicious vegan bento box.


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