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Vegan Strawberry Popsicle Recipe with Yogurt

Healthy vegan Strawberry Popsicle Recipe with Yogurt. Create refreshing vegan popsicles with strawberries that are healthy summer snacks for kids too.

vegan strawberry popsicles

In the middle of the hot summer, there is nothing we all crave more than a cooling piece of deliciousness. We have created a vegan strawberry popsicle recipe for you, which is easy to make any day and is healthy with no added sugar that is also gluten and dairy-free.

We have different variations for you in case you would like a very simple and easy recipe or willing to work slightly more and get a more nutritional popsicle. In either case, you are about to create a memorably delicious and healthy treat for children and adults as well.

Making homemade vegan yogurt is actually much simpler than most may think. The more nutritional, fiber-rich version is made with almonds or cashews. They are both perfect for creating the texture, while they are low in carbohydrates and taste fairly neutral. If you prefer to make it without yogurt you should consider making them as an avocado ice cream.

Almond and cashew have plenty of positive qualities; they are high in magnesium, vitamin E and they contain healthy fats and fibers. So they aren’t just delicious but help you maintain a healthy vegan diet, while also having shiny hair and smooth skin. For more quick and healthy dessert recipes check out our vegan meal prep ideas post that’s perfect for beginners.

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Homemade Strawberry popsicle recipe with yogurt

Option one for the homemade vegan yogurt, which is much simpler but takes longer time to be ready with:


17 Oz (500ml) full fat coconut milk.

2,5 vegan probiotic capsules.


It is pretty simple, once you poured the coconut milk in a glass or jar, just empty the capsules into the milk.

Stir it up to make sure the powder dissolves and cover it with a clean cloth and leave it to rest in room temperature (80F/27C) for about 24 hours. You can leave it a bit longer if you like your yogurt sour.

Then you can use it for the popsicle.

Tips: Make sure the glass container is spotlessly clean, so the probiotics can work properly. Also, do not use metal spoons to mix the powder in, it can kill the probiotics.

The quicker, but a messier way to make vegan yogurt for the strawberry popsicle:


4-4,5 Oz organic Cashew or Almond (depends on how thick you would like to be)

1,5 Oz organic Agave syrup (can be replaced by organic maple syrup)

0,5 Oz Vanilla extract (you can leave this out if you prefer)

10 Oz Full fat organic coconut milk (Add 3 more ounces if you soak the cashews or almonds in milk)


First, soak the cashews or almonds for about four hours in lukewarm water. You can use coconut milk to soak them, it will make them a little sweeter.

After they became soft, you can pour all the ingredients in a blender and go at it until it becomes a smooth paste.

Tips: You can also add a little hazelnut to change the taste a little, however, with almond or cashew it’s going to be pretty neutral.

If you want to make it quick you can also buy ready made organic vegan yogurt.

Once the yogurt part is done, you can turn the whole thing into a strawberry paste.


10 medium-sized strawberries (washed and hulled)

Half a lemon (depending on your taste, you can squeeze more or less)

You can add extra sweetener if you like your popsicles sweet, although if you are making cashew or almond paste, it is going to be fairly sweet anyway and usually full-fat coconut milk is sweet enough as well.

You can use frozen strawberries too, the result will be mostly the same, with frozen fruits you are going to get a thicker paste.

Pour the yogurt, lemon juice, and the strawberries in a blender and make a nice, red paste. If you like chunky popsicles, then go easy on the blending. Once you are satisfied, pour them in your stylish molds and place the tray in the freezer, they are ready in a few hours! 🙂

You can easily find fun reusable posicle molds online.

Total prep time:

With probiotics-yogurt: 28 hours

With Cashew or Almond paste: 8-9 hours

Enjoy it and let us know how you liked our recipe!

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HomeMade Strawberry popsicle recipe with yogurt

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