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Easy & Healthy Vegan Bento Box Ideas

Try some of the best and healthiest vegan bento box ideas for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Learn how to bento lunch boxes for work and school in no time.

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vegan bento box ideas

You’ll find here excellent bento box ideas that can inspire and motivate you to eat healthier and be more creative.

We also included a few non-vegan bento box recipes but also we also give guidance on how to switch the ingredients to make these otherwise amazing bento boxes vegan.

This will also help you create your own bento boxes or use any kind of recipe without a problem even if you’re new to bento box prepping and meal prepping in general.

We love bento because it also helps us to create easy and tasty meals for school and work and helps us with meal planning.

You can enjoy nutritious, creative, and delicious cold and warm dishes that are easy to make even for beginners. If you’re into meal planning and like to make food ahead at least for a week then check out our vegan meal prep ideas for beginners.

Yummy & Easy Vegan Bento Box Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

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What are bento box lunches 

Bento boxes are the practical solutions to taking some of the most delicious homemade meals to school and work with you. Traditionally Japanese people prepare a single portion, usually with a main, a side, and a little treat.

Bento boxes have an exciting history you can read about it in more detail on Wikipedia.

How to build a healthy vegan bento box 

If you have a proper bento box, you can divide various ingredients to keep tabs on your intake. You can often find cute, colorful boxes, with all sorts of different bites in there. To make a healthy vegan bento box you have to be sure to use a variety of ingredients that contain the necessary nutrition.

Bento box food cutters

If you are looking for kitchen equipments and accessories which make your life easier, food cutters are inevitable. Especially if you want to make themed bento boxes. To get the right length, width and shape, a good cutter will do wonders for you. These bento cutters are there to help you make the cutest snacks with no or very little effort. Your meal prepping time will certainly be significantly less with the right tools.

Bento box food warmers

Going on a picnic to surprise your loved one? Well, to be sure about perfection you are going to need a food warmer. Just as we wrote about cooler bags, we have to emphasize the importance of the other function those accessories have. Keep your delicious meals warm until it finally gets to the right spot. There are stylish, simple, and custom cooler bags, which can be used to keep your bento box warm. There are tote cooler bags and picnic cooler bags as well. Make sure you get the most suitable one for yourself, to be just as practical as fashionable.

Food Warming bento box bag
Two layers Bento 200W Burned Protection Food Warmer Keep

Tools for warm food bento boxes

To recreate the best warm food bento box ideas and recipes you may need some updates in the kitchen. Do you have a wok? Maybe some of the dishes require special accessories or spices. Make sure you have everything before starting because it is frustrating to realize something is missing in the middle of meal prep. Take a look at items we collected for you, which will make things easier. You can save time and energy, while also making a more delicious bento box meal.

Tools for cold food bento boxes

The same applies to cold food bento box ideas and recipes. If you want your meal prepping time to be significantly less, you are going to need a few accessories. A sushi-making set for example can make everything much easier and ensure a better result. We have collected a few items that will be your new best friend in the kitchen. If you want to make vegan Japanese bento boxes, there are few things that can help you a lot.

Bento box food containers

Which bento box is for me? Well, it is an important question, because your new bento box could become an important part of your diet.

You have to make sure you buy a bento box, which is of appropriate size. Too big or too small will make your life difficult. It is also easier to stick to your meal plan if you use the right size.

Make sure there are enough separate compartments for the various ingredients. There are boxes of different materials. If you commute by public transport or walk a lot, a lighter box do better for you.

Childrens Lunch bento box
Premium Bento Lunch Box
Bento Box Containers Glass

Where to buy bento box?

You can find really good ones online, Amazon is our favorite place to buy our bento boxes because it’s easy to find quality bentos on an affordable price.

Are vegan bento box lunches healthy?

They are, of course. You just have to monitor your intake of protein, minerals and vitamins, but it applies to non-vegan diets as well. Studies show that a vegan diet helps reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Is it easy to make a vegan bento box lunch?

Yes; if you do your research and have access to ingredients that perfectly substitute animal products, then it is very easy. We are here to help with making your research much easier, so making a vegan bento box is going to be easy for you. Meal planning is crucial to create a healthy and easy diet, which can reduce your meal prepping time as well.

Can Vegan Bento boxes help with weight loss?

Yes, because it’s healthy, low in calorie and contains lots of protein. It also provides the energy you need. Vegan bento box lunches for weight loss are usually much easier to plan with and they allow your body to cleanse.

  Bento Box Breakfast Ideas

5| Overnight Oatmeal and Chickpea Pancakes Bento Box Breakfast Recipe

Healthy-Breakfast-Bento-Boxes-ideas (Small)

Image Credit & Full Recipe

If you tend to kick off your day with a filling, sweet breakfast, then you are at luck as there are some great sweet vegan bento box ideas for breakfast.

You can make the chickpea pancakes with very little time spent on meal prepping, yet the result is going to be mindblowing. They take about 15 minutes to be ready in your box to go.

Once the delicious little treats are ready, you can add some fruits of your liking. This breakfast bento box is gluten-free, vegan, and only contains fruit sugar (depending on your fruit of choice).

The overnight oatmeal requires a little more time, as its name suggests, you will have to leave it soaking in the fridge for the night. It’s a great raw bento box idea, which is also delicious and nutritious. This pink delight is one of our favorite cute bento box lunch ideas that’s also great for beginners.

4| Protein Boost Breakfast Bento Box Breakfast Recipe


Image Credit & Full Recipe

Although this recipe is made with eggs and cottage cheese, we can help you with vegan substitutes, that may even taste better than the original. You can use this vegan eggs substitute and this easy and quick recipe is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to make creamy vegan cottage cheese.

This mixture of high protein ingredients help you stick to a meal plan with plenty of nutrition and fibres. What we like about it, is the simplicity, you don’t have to spend much time with getting ready.

Even if you make the vegan version, it which will only add to the meal prep time about 20 minutes.

It is fun to nibble on some tasty bites to kick a productive day off, and this vegan protein breakfast box is perfect for it.

3| Scrambled Eggs and Veggies Bento Box Breakfast Recipe

breakfast-bento-box-12 (Small)

Image Credit & Full Recipe

Again, despite this recipe not being vegan, there are a few points that give you some easy breakfast ideas.

It is actually not much hassle to make vegan scrambled eggs and the ham can be replaced by vegan bacon substitutes.

You can also slice some of your favorite vegetables and spice them to accompany the vegan eggs. This is one of the simplest vegan bento box meals for breakfast.

You can add some olives, vegan cheese and even add sesame seeds, they are perfect for scrambled eggs. With very little meal prep you can create a lovely dish that will give a good boost in the morning.

2| Egg Bake and Oatmeal Muffin Bento Box Breakfast Recipe

muffin-bento box meal prep

Image Credit & Full Recipe

For a good, hearty breakfast bento boxes that have it all, look at this colorful and complex breakfast idea.

If you don’t want to kick off your day without something savoury, but also love sweets, this is the perfect combination.

The egg bake can be made vegan with recipe of vegan egg, while the oatmeal muffin can be easily made without dairy products.

The total meal prep time is about an hour, so it does take longer to have it all. Still, the upside is the fact that you can have it all without much trouble in the kitchen.

If you are ready to work for it, this is one of the most nutritious vegan bento box breakfast ideas.

1| Healthy Isreali Breakfast Bento Box Breakfast Recipe

Healthy-Israeli-Breakfast-Bento-Box idea (Small)

Image Credit & Full Recipe

What we love about this recipe is the fact, that it is almost vegan without even trying.

There is no meat, and the eggs can be swapped out to vegan eggs with a little imagination just as well as you can use vegan yogurt.

The other fact about this easy vegan breakfast bento box, is that it’s healthy too.

Tahini is a delicious and nutritious paste, that actually is highly recommended for vegans to help out with your meal planning.

You can pack up and go in ten minutes, however, if you make the tahini yourself, it will take longer.

You are going to love this refreshing and filling raw vegan bento box (without the eggs it is raw).

  Bento Box Lunch Ideas

6| Vegan Stuffed Bell Peppers Bento Box Lunch Recipe

vegan bento box lunch idea

Image Credit & Full Recipe

In the middle of a long day? If you are looking for a vegan protein lunch box that will help you get through a demanding day, then you should take these bell peppers with you.

It looks delicious (and it is!), yet it’s pretty easy to prepare. You are going to be ready to go in 40 minutes, which is pretty good for such a substantial meal.

You are going to get a large amount of minerals and protein that allows you to keep going for a good while.

It is a healthy and easy vegan bento box for lunch which is also a treat for your taste buds.

The stuffed bell peppers are delightfully colorful and nutritious, making it one of the best vegan bento box lunches.

5| Tofu or Seitan Wrap Bento Box Lunch Recipe

vegan bento box lunch ideas (Small)

Image Credit & Full Recipe

Eat this has good ideas for bento boxes for lunch, our favorite is the chicken wrap. Of course, it can be prepared with shallow fried tofu or baked seitan in order to remain vegan.

We just love the sweet potato crackers on side with some grapes. The wrap is simply filled with the tofu or seitan cubes and diced cucumbers.

We would also recommend to add a little dill and vegan cream cheese to make one of the most delicious vegan bento box lunches.

Grapes are superb for cleansing your palate and refreshing you before getting back to work. It is one of the most widely beloved easy vegan bento box lunches, because it is simple, yet very tasty.

4| Beet Hummus Bagel Sandwich Bento Box Lunch Recipe

Bento-Box-Beet-Hummus-Bagel bento box lunch idea-001 (Small)

Image Credit & Full Recipe

Here is another one of the superb vegan bento box meals, which are amazingly easy.

You can buy many of the ingredients in your local stores, so life is easy in this case. Of course, if you prefer to bake your own vegan bagels, you can.

However, if you want to keep it as simple as possible, you can buy it along with the beet hummus and sauerkraut.

This raw vegan bento box is actually great for a tasty lunch, there are some pretty intense tasting ingredients, which make it something to remember. Creating this bento box requires very little meal prepping but the result is mind blowing.

3| Curried Chickpea Salad Bento Box Lunch Recipe

Vegan bento box lunch box recipes (Small)

Image Credit & Full Recipe

If you are in a desperate search for vegan bento box lunches

that require very little meal prepping but result in something truly delicious, then you are at luck.

This easy recipe, which can be prepared without any serious cooking (unless you want to make your own vegan pita) is a great way to treat yourself in your lunch break.

The ingredients are all healthy and provide all the necessary nutrients one may require for a meal. You don’t even have to spend too much time with this vegan bento box meal prep, the whole thing is ready within 15 minutes. By the time it’s lunch time the flavours will have perfectly blended together.

2| Sesame & Ginger Tofu, Brown Rice, Cucumber, Carrots, Berries and Granola Bento Box Lunch Recipe

easy healthy vegan bento box lunch recipe (Small)

Image Credit & Full Recipe

If you are in need of easy vegan bento box lunch recipes, then this colorful and nutritional meal will make your next lunch at work.

It is simple, with a fairly short meal prepping time of about 20 minutes. The recipe looks after your body, it has all the protein you need in a meal and some veggies too.

This one is an easy vegan bento box lunch recipe, so you do not need to stock up. There are only a few ingredients required, which you can buy at any store in the US.

You are in for a good treat as this recipe isn’t just a good fit for a vegan diet and this vegan protein lunch box is scrumptious.

1| Clean Eating Bento Box Lunch Recipe

Clean eating bento box lunch recipe

Full Recipe

Sometimes the simpler the better when it comes to a feel good snack between two meals.

Here is a delightful no cook vegan bento snack box recipe, which you will find a little too easy to believe. Although, in this recipe you find cheese as a nibble, you can replace the dairy product with a vegan cheese.

Snap peas, apples, blueberries, vegan cheese and a little hummus to dip all the former into.

Yes, that is all, but still, you are going to love how they all compliment each other making a perfect snack to survive until the next meal or during watching a great movie.

Easy Vegan Bento Box Dinner Ideas & Recipes

3| Deconstructed sushi bento box Dinner Recipe

Full Recipe

This vegan Japanese bento box sounds perfect for lunch, however, we think it makes a better dinner meal.

If you are out at work in the evening or just on the road, make sure to take something to eat with you. In case you are camping, this makes a light dinner, so you can get a comfortable sleep.

All you have to do to turn this set vegan, is to swap the shrimp and the eggs. You can do so easily by frying mushroom stems. While the eggs can be replaced with easy to make vegan eggs.

This delicious meal doesn’t require serious meal prep, still makes a fancy dinner.

2| Tonkatsu Bento Box Dinner Recipe


Tonkatsu_Bento_box dinner ideas (Small)

Image Credit & Full Recipe

Tonkatsu is popular in Asia and while most people eat it for lunch, it is superb for dinner too. The breaded meat can be replaced by plant based yummies. All the rest is perfectly fitting a vegan meal plan.

Good news; it is among the easy vegan bento box dinner recipes. Therefore, you won’t have to spend half the day in the kitchen.

Packing it for a getaway or work is trouble free. You can slice the “meat” up and a fork is enough to eat it conveniently.

Usually it comes with shredded cabbage, which balances tastes perfectly. Add some sesame sauce and you are going to lick all your fingers.

1| Teriyaki beef analogue and gyoza bento box Dinner Recipe


teriyaki-beef-and-gyoza-bento-box-dinner recipe

Image Credit & Full Recipe

Naturally, we weren’t planning on eating any beef, however, the recipe is very convincing. Fortunately there are very good quality meat analogue products in stores as well. But if you prefer to make your own meat substitute, go with tempeh, mushrooms, seitan, and of course, tofu.

What we love about good easy vegan bento box dinner ideas, is their simple complexity. This one ticks all the boxes; healthy, delicious, simple and complex.

You can even use this recipe to surprise your other half on a star lit picnic. Just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it cannot be fancy too.

Vegan School Lunches, Vegan bento box ideas for kids, & Bento box lunch ideas for school

Halloween Bento box Lunch Ideas For school

halloween bent box school lunch recipe

Image Credit & Full Recipe

Why not surprise your little ones with a scary bite for Halloween, or any day throughout the year? Here is a fun combination, which you can easily turn this another one of our favorite vegan school lunches.

Baking a vegan muffin is not that difficult thanks to the help of flax seed. You can swap the meat slices to a vegan replacement and there you go, a fantastic surprise. Everyone is going to envy your little ones at lunch break.

There are some pretty great vegan bento box ideas for kids online, you just have to think vegan. Once you see what can substitute non vegan products, you are good to go.

Tofu Ricotta & Pesto Stuffed Shells Bento Box School Lunch Recipe

vegan bento box school lunch recipes

Image Credit & Full Recipe

Love Well has great ideas if you want to prepare healthy snacks or main courses for your little ones.

Not to mention the creative designs in case your kids cannot have enough of your creativity. Out of all the great vegan school lunches, the tofu ricotta and pesto stuffed shells sounded the best.

Once preparing it for your children, won’t stop there, because you will not be able to resist either. This recipe requires considerably little meal prepping, however the result will blow the whole family’s mind.

Pack a colorful, healthy and delicious lunch your children are going to love.

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese Bento Box School Lunch recipe

MacAndCheese bento box school lunch

Image Credit & Full Recipe

Another one of the superb bento box lunch ideas for school is this Vegan Mac&Cheese box. We are pretty sure every kid is going to love it. You can side it with a delicious vegan cole slaw, sliced bananas and diced butternut squash.

This meal provides all nutritions while being so tasty, the little one will not be able to have enough. Despite taking a little longer to make it, it is still a fairly easy vegan bento box lunch.

Thanks to its complexity, this box perfectly fits into a healthy meal plan to support minors to develop. Not to mention, who doesn’t like mac and cheese or cole slaw?

Fun-Due Bento Box School Lunch Idea

fun_bento_fun-due_bento_box school lunch idea

Image Credit & Full Recipe

What is the easiest way to get children eat healthy? Make it fun for them and they won’t even remember why were they protesting against broccoli. With this colorful vegan bento box meal prep your life is going to be easier in many ways. There are a few changes to the original recipe to make it vegan.

There are various options for making vegan cream cheese dips or tahini, hummus and similar sauces. Because there is nothing better than nutritious and tasty Raw vegan bento box ideas that are also fun.

You can also add some vegan cheese, nuts and whatever your little ones go crazy about. Or collect foods they don’t like and show how great they can be.

We find it the most fun of all vegan bento box ideas for kids.

Fried tofu & veg sandwich, white bean pesto salad, and fruit salad Bento Box

Fried tofu & veg sandwich, white bean pesto salad, and fruit salad Bento Box

Image Credit & Full Recipe HotForFoodBlog

 A good lunch can be simple. This fried tofu sandwich is pretty simple, yet remarkably scrumptious. All the ingredients are superbly complimenting each other perfectly. Meal prep time is very little, while it has plenty of nutrition. The bean pesto salad is especially good tasting. It is something your little ones will appreciate so much, you will have to prepare it every day.

The great part is the fact, that this vegan bento box is a great fit to vegan meal plans. If you want, you can make it with gluten free bread and another box is ticked. It is surely among the easiest and most delicious vegan bento box ideas for kids.

bets vegan bento boxes (1)

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