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Best Cooler Bags & Insulated Lunch Bags for Summer

You’ll find here the best custom cooler bags and insulated lunch bags for summer. We’re a big fan of picnicking and beach dining so we decided to put together some of the most reliable and stylish cooler bags you can easily order online.

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insulated lunch bags

You’ll find here all kinds of fun, large, and small cooler bags. We also included some cool fishing cooler bags and other fun and useful stuff that will make your time away from your fridge easier and yummier.

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Let’s address the big question first; how do insulated cooler bags work?

Usually they are made of a soft fabric, that makes carrying them much more convenient.

The inner side of the fabric is lined with heavy duty foil. Between the two there is a filling that keeps the temperature in the bag, but flexible enough to remain practical.

Can I use cooler bags during winter?

They are actually great for both summer and winter as they keep the temperature. You can do some meal prepping during the colder months and bring it over to your loved ones almost like it was fresh out of the kitchen.

What are the best cooler bags?

Engel and Yeti cooler bags are considered the best insulated soft cooler bags in the market. They are sturdy and do a great job when it comes to maintaining the desired temperature.

They cost somewhat more than their competitors, however, they are an investment for life as they last at least two decades if you use them daily.

Not to mention that both the Yeti and Engel cooler bags are stylish. So you don’t even have to give up on looking the most elegant or coolest person on the road.

There are larger ones in case you are planning to invite a colleague or friend for lunch.

Cooler bags like Yeti

Thanks to its popularity and reliability, Yeti cooler bags are the most commonly desired pieces.

If you are unable or don’t want to spend that much on a quality bag there are some alternatives.

We recommend buying a more costly cooler bag only if you feel it is going to be worth it.

Are you planning to use it regularly? If not, there may not be a point in spending that kind of money.

In case you are just an occasional user of insulated cooler bags, then we have a few recommendations for you, which are going to be perfect for you.

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Insulated lunch bags

Once you have prepared a healthy bento box for lunch, it is of utmost importance to keep the delicious bite as fresh as possible.

With a smaller, but very much effective lunch cooler bag you can be assured; what left your kitchen will land in your mouth later that day.

Zipper cooler bags usually keep the temperature longer, so consider that as well, when it comes to making a purchase.

You can find all sorts of bags and even cooler boxes, depending on your needs.

There are designer bags, which would go perfectly with any dress or outfit. If you want to take your game to the next level, you can find some of the best custom cooler bags on Etsy.

Picnic cooler bag

Going for a good picnic is romantic, fun, relaxing and all that is positive.

But it requires some meal preparation, and if you don’t have a good quality insulated picnic bag that preserves your hard work, it can easily become a disaster.

What makes a good picnic cooler bag?

First of all, it has to be light, because you are going to pack it with plenty of goodies. Secondly, there have to be compartments so you can separate different foods.

Last but not least, it has to look as cool as you. There are some really amazing practical, yet stylish picnic bags, which will ensure a memorable day out in nature.

Wine cooler bag

When it comes to a good picnic or a delicious vegan bento box at work, a good glass of cool wine can be a game-changer. (we don’t encourage drinking at work tough)

Let’s just stick to picnics and evenings out in the hot summer, when a cool rosé, white wine or something bubbly would help you create memories.

Wine coolers for champagne are also useful, and a must if you are heading out to celebrate.

There are some cute, funny, and elegant pieces on Etsy as well as on Amazon. If you are going out for a larger gathering, you can also find two or more bottle cooler tote bags too.

They are just as practical as fashionable, so probably you are going to be very popular even before opening the bags.

Beach bag with cooler

Headed to the beach? Well, then we know what is of most importance; snacks and cool drinks.

When out on a long day at the beach, your best friend is going to be a beach bag with a cooler compartment.

There are some really cool bags, which look after all your needs in one. When going to the most beloved spots on Earth.

You don’t want to carry dozens of bags, nor want to get up every hour to find a shop or get back to the car.

It is best if you are well prepared and still keeps it casual and for that, your best pick is a beach bag that has it all.

So what makes the best cooler bags for the beach?

If it has separable compartments for all your belongings, a water and sand proof part for your electronics.

A cooler to take your favorite drinks, snacks, and even an easy vegan bento box to adhere to your meal plan.

We have picked some of the most awesome cooler bags for you.

Beer cooler bag

We all knew it was due to enter the conversation; what is going to happen to your beers?

Good news, you can keep them cool for hours, and even get a custom beer cooler bag to stand out from the beer-drinking crowd.

Because there is a beer cooler bag and there is your own bag. If you are on the beach, it’s much more fun if you don’t have to keep on chasing down the next store or restaurant to get a cool bottle of beer.

Not to mention all the time you can save by not standing in lines for the next one. If you prefer cans, there are 6 can cooler bags, which are easy to carry and keep your beer cool for over half a day.

For a longer day it is better if you take zipper cooler bags with you to the beach or outdoor parties. You can find all sorts of designs, some look like simple bags, some will tell everybody else, someone takes their cool beer seriously.

Cooler bags for fishing

There are two types of bags you are going to need after casting the bait. One is a fish cooler bag, into which you can place your catch of the day after killing it.

It serves well to keep the fish fresh and prevent the smell from lingering in your car.

You can find really good quality pieces online, which are easy to clean and don’t take up much space.

The other cooler bag for fishing is just as important as the other one; the bag which is going to quench your thirst and fill your stomach.

Hungry fisher is not a happy fisher. You are out at the water to relax and enjoy the stillness of nature until your first catch.

Having to stand up every time you would like to grab a drink or eat something ruins the whole experience.

Find a cooler bag that is big enough for your treats and even has some extra pockets for your fishing accessories.

Tote cooler bags

Who says you can’t go tote when it comes to cooler bags? They are an easy solution for carrying your easy vegan bento box, or some drinks, even both to work or anywhere you wish to dine today.

It is simple and there are actually a few really high-end pieces, which guarantee the desired temperature for hours.

Naturally, you have to consider how much food you are planning to take out because most tote cooler bags are smaller than the ones you take to a picnic or the beach.

The absolute positive part is the fact that you can easily fold it and put it in your bag once you do not need to use it.

Food cooler bag

If you are going on a good camping trip or to a remote location, then you need a large food cooler bag to make sure your ingredients make it there.

Meal prepping and planning isn’t easy when you are out of the comfort of your home. For an easier life away from home, there are some great bags that will make you feel like using your fridge at home.

When it comes to transferring raw food, you are better off with good quality food cooler bags. It surely gives you peace of mind, knowing that whatever happens on the road, your food is going to remain fresh.

The best cooler bags are large enough and have multiple compartments for various shaped packages and boxes. You may never know what shopping brings into your way in the stores. Quality zipper cooler bags can keep your food fresh for almost a day, so it is important to pick the right one.

Shopping cooler bag

If you are afraid you won’t make it home in the heat, then you can find some very simple shopping cooler bags. In this case you can find affordable ones, which will perfectly do the job for you and spare some worry.

The best insulated cooler bags are foldable but large enough for your shopping. Obviously, these ones may not be the best for your packed lunch or picnic, but certainly will be a good companion on your shopping sprees.

If you want to look cool during your shopping, you can find some awesome designs and even get custom cooler bags for shopping.

Why is it important to have a shopping cooler bag?

Some may think, if I buy any cooler bag, I can use it for everything. We advise the contrary because for instance shopping can be heavy and it may also contaminate the bag. Therefore, if you buy a cool, expensive bag, it is better to stay clean and spared for your lunches and so on, while the cheaper bag does the heavy lifting.

Cooler bags on wheels

Speaking of heavy lifting, it may not be necessary for anyone to lift anything. Fortunately, designers thought of those, who cannot, or don’t want to lift heavy loads while wanting to take cold or hot consumables with them.

Obviously, taking cooler bags on wheels to the beach or a lush meadow for a picnic is not the most ideal. Still, for most scenarios wheelie cooler bags can be very handy.

It is crucial to find good quality bags, because the wheels can give up very quickly if the product is not of a good standard. In the long run you are going to save money when spending a little more on your first purchase.

Cooler bags on wheels are definitely great for a heavy lunch out in the nearby park or even for professionals, who have to carry items that need cooling.

Small cooler bags or large cooler bags?

It is always a good question. When researching insulated cooler bags, there are so many different kinds and sizes, but what will be the best match for you?

Small cooler bags are easier to carry, even if not in use, they are not much trouble for you. You can keep it anywhere at home or eve take it with you without even noticing.

They are great for bento box meals and easy lunches, however, when you plan a bigger meal, it is not going to be of much help.

Large cooler bags are great for picnics, camping, and visiting the beach. But it is difficult to carry around in the city with only one little bento box lunch hiding at the bottom.

When making a decision you have to take your habits into account.

Are you a camping type of person? Do you spend a lot of time meal prepping at home? Do you like to spend hours on the beach?

There are many more questions to answer when it comes to finding your new small or large cooler bag.

Cheap cooler bags

You are at luck! It is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to find a good bag. There are pretty good cheap cooler bags, which can serve hobby campers or picnickers perfectly.

Of course, if you are planning to put your cooler bag into use on a weekly or daily basis, you will be better off buying a reputable, more expensive brand.

Still, there is a good variety of cheap cooler bags, which will help you keep it all cool. So don’t stress, we have collected some of the best insulated cooler bags, which are for a reasonable price.

Electric cooler bags

Now, life can be more demanding than what a good cooler bag with a pack of ice or cooling pack can bare. Here comes technology to the rescue offering a longer solution.

The best electric cooler bags run on a battery or can be plugged into your car’s cigar lighter to keep your food and drinks as cool as possible.

There are even large cooler bags and boxes, that sort of serve as a portable fridge. What we love the most about these innovations, is the fact that you can keep hot food warm as well.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about eating in comfort away from home.

Cooler handbags & Insulated Backpacks 

Can anything be cooler than cooler handbags? Okay, sorry for that, no more terrible wordplays left in our repertoire.

Taking it more seriously, these handbags make everything much easier; keeping it simple, remaining fashionable and keeping your food cool.

Are you the kind of person who is strict about meal planning and likes to take their own easy vegan bento boxes to work? If you want to also remain stylish, your next favorite accessory is going to be a cooler handbag.

There are some outstanding designer bags, which would be cool alone, without mentioning their function.

Custom cooler bag

As we mentioned several times in the article, there are a number of options for you to stand out of the crowd with your own custom cooler bag.

You can get anything printed on it, which will make yours the most popular item in the beach or any gathering.

They also make great presents for hikers and campers or even business people.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a present that comes from the heart and is personal?

It also combines favorites; travel, food and drink and freedom.

You can buy beautiful custom cooler bags on Etsy.

Ice packs for cooler bags

Unless you buy an electric cooler bag, you are going to need ice packs for your cooler bag.

You can find all sorts of shapes and sizes, make sure you buy the ones that are good fits for your bags.

Where to buy cooler bags?

We have collected some of the best cooler bags for you but if you feel like you want to keep on browsing check out Amazon or Etsy.

What does a cooler bag do?

A good quality cooler bag maintains inside temperature so you can transfer foods while keeping the products in the desired condition. That means you can use a cooler bag to transfer warm foods as well.

How long does a cooler bag stay warm?

A good insulated cooler bag can keep your food warm for about 3-4hours. It depends on the bag, the size and the amount and temperature of food you carry.

Do you need to put ice in a cooler bag?

It is highly recommended to put ice or cooler packs in case you are planning a longer trip.

How long do cooler bags keep things cold?

High-end products can keep food cold for up to three days. There are variables you have to think about, it is also important how you pack and how often do you open it. If you use high standard ice packs will also increase your bag’s performance.

How do you keep food cold while traveling?

With the best insulated cooler bags. 🙂 Cooler bags are very useful and are superb travel companions. Find out which one is for you!

best cooler bags and insulated lunch bags for summer

Thank you for reading!

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