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Explore the must-have basic woodworking tools for beginners that will help you complete your DIY home projects and home improvement goals easier and faster.

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Basic Woodworking Tools For Beginners (1)

Must-Have Woodworking Tools For Beginners

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Woodworking is one of the most exciting and useful DIY hobbies out there. While newbies will have to learn various new skills and invest some money in buying tools and materials to get started, this hobby will surely bring back what was spent on it. With the help of woodworking, you can create unique furniture and gifts on a budget. We love woodworking and wanted to help newcomers with our must-have woodworking tools to get you started faster and easier.

These basic woodworking tools will help you turn your DIY home projects into reality and make home improvement easier and more cost-effective. Once you learned the basics and got some quality woodworking plans, your home improvement goals will get much easier. Make sure to always buy better quality tools and plans because that will help you save money in the long run and will keep your DIY home projects on a budget.

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You’ll find here the most important basic tools for woodworking that will help you make any of your home improvement ideas easily at home even if you’re a complete beginner. Some of these DIY woodworking tools are harder to use so make sure you also get a course and appropriate woodworking protection gear before you get started with a new more difficult tool.

Best Woodworking guide & plans

You’ll also need some good-quality woodworking plans that will inspire you and guide you from the beginning. One of the most popular woodworking projects collection is Ted’s Woodworking. This amazing collection has over 16,000 plans created by architects with various unique and beautiful woodworking plans that will make all your DIY woodworking dreams come true. If you love easy and fun wood crafts plans you can work on alone or with your kids then you should check out their collection.

No matter if you want to create something new for your garden, shed, kitchen, living room, or bedroom you’ll find an amazing plan in this amazing collection. The best thing about these plans is that you’ll also get step-by-step guides and instructions both on paper and video which makes it a perfect choice even for beginners.

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ted's woodworking plans

Consider taking online woodworking classes For Beginners

It’s never been easier to learn any new hobby you like online. On SkillShare you can get started for free and learn from pro wood makers everything from how to set up your woodshop to creating one-of-a-kind furniture, wood art, and tools. Taking a few online woodworking classes for beginners will make your journey much easier and more enjoyable.

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Must-Have Woodworking Protection Gear

Safety first. It’s also true when it comes to woodworking. Here we collected some of the most important woodworking protection gear you should get before you get started with woodworking.

16|Beginner Tool Set with Tool Box

A good quality beginner toolset is a must-have. Instead of buying things separately, you should go for a bigger woodworking set you can not only use for woodworking but for other projects as well. If you want to go for a pro toolset it will cost a bit more but a 322 piece tool set with a carrying bag will surely serve you well for many years to come.

Beginner Tool Set with Tool Box for woodworking

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15| Cordless Drill

There are a number of machines you are going to need, but a good drill is definitely on the top of every DIY woodworking tools list. You may think a screwdriver is going to do the trick, however, it is time and energy-consuming. To the extent, that may even discourage you from starting other projects.

This cordless Black + Decker drill is perfectly reliable and doesn’t cost too much either. If you consider how much time it saves, there is a quick return on this purchase. Thanks to the 11-position clutch, you can fit almost any size of bits. Furthermore, the battery lasts quite a long and it’s also very light.

cordless drill - basic woodworking tools for beginners

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14| Drilling set

After ordering your new best friend, the cordless drill, you need a set to make sure you are prepared for every situation. Whatever project you take on, there is a good chance there is a bit missing, but if you have this 23-pack drilling tool, you are ready for anything.

When researching basic woodworking tools for beginners, you are going to see how important this set is. You can find chamfering, shank, and even plug cutter bits of various sizes are included in this superb pack. Prepare for creating some of the most remarkable kitchen equipment at home.

Drilling set - must have woodworking tools for beginners

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13| Contour Gauge Duplicator

Sometimes the simplest items are the most useful. If you are in search of basic tools for woodworking, there is no doubt, a contour gauge duplicator is a must-have. This plastic item is going to make your life much easier. Despite looking like a simple ruler, once you actually put it to use, you will realize how much help it can be.

If you want to recreate certain shapes, for example, if you came up with a unique design for your table, with this tool you can recreate it in no time. It is also great if you are laying wooden floors or making special containers. The pack includes two sizes, a 5 and a 10-inch long piece.

Contour Gauge Duplicator - basic woodworking tools

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12| Dovetail Clamps

No matter what type of woodwork you enjoy doing, a reliable clamp is an absolute necessity. If you are planning to glue, this little helper is going to hold every bit together until it dries. In other cases, if you plan to cut or sand it can be a huge help too.

This is definitely among the basic tools for woodworking you need prior to starting the project. If you are planning to fill your kitchen and winter garden with unique, homemade wooden items, then you will use this clamp every day.

Wood Clamp - woodworking tools for beginners

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11| Corner Clamp

The generic wood clamp is definitely a great tool for woodworking beginners, but a corner clamp is also very helpful. If you love building boxes, cabinets, or any type of containers for your kitchen, these little clamps will be unavoidable. These quality pieces will help you create the perfect 90-degree corners or remarkable T-connections.

Thanks to the strong springs, the boards will be held tightly together until the glue dries or you drive the screws. Since the clamps are also adjustable, you can work with various thickness levels and the clamps can be removed by one hand as well. So if you are a beginner who enjoys looking like a real pro, these are going to be your new favorite DIY woodworking tools.

corner clamp woodworking tool

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10| Chisel set

In the beginning, you ought to be very careful, as it is quite easy to injure yourself or damage the wood significantly with these chisels. Therefore we advise practicing prior to cracking on the actual project. Also, it is always recommended to wear protective gloves when working with wood.

These chisels are basic woodworking tools for beginners because they can help you personalize any piece of wood in no time. DIY enthusiasts can carve anything into the wood with these in addition to adjusting sizes quickly. Once you are a pro, you can get into proper carving with a wood lathe.

Chisel set

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9| Benchtop Wood Lathe

Yes, finally a proper machine that’s going to help you step up your woodworking game. If you prefer to make your own wooden figurines, bowls, or pens, you are going to love this benchtop wood lathe. This is a good opportunity to put your new chisel set into use. This is certainly among the must-have woodworking tools if you prefer to carve your own designs.

There are a number of great functions, some of our favorites are the adjustable size and the fact that you can take it with you anywhere. It is a beginner-friendly woodworking machine that has clear instructions for you to help with setting it up.

Benchtop Wood Lathe

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8| Electric Chisel

If you prefer to get technology to do the hard work, you are going to love this electric chisel. Many beginner woodworkers think this tool is only for the advanced ones. However, once you start carving with Yuchentech’s carver, you will see it is much simpler than it looks.

You can save a lot of time and energy while also getting far better results than by hand carving. If you would like to create unique kitchen furniture or true wooden art, this is definitely among the must-have woodworking tools you need to consider. It comes with ten blades, so your starter kit is complete, you just need to think of your first art.

Electric Chisel

Buy It Here

7| Scroll saw

This benchtop scroll saw is certainly going to be extremely useful if you are looking to make precise cuts. You might think of it as an extra tool that wouldn’t be necessary for every beginner. However, you will see it makes your life much easier, while the result is going to be better too.

If you are looking to create quality kitchen furniture from day one, this scroll saw is definitely one of the basic tools for woodworking for sure. This practical machine also has a number of great features. There is a flex light attached to it, so you can see every little detail of your work perfectly. Furthermore, the base tilts up to 45 degrees for angled cuts.

Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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6| Jig Saw

For larger items to be cut, you will need a quality jigsaw. This Black + Decker saw is without a question among the most essential woodworking tools. No matter, if you are a beginner or advanced DIY enthusiast, cutting wood with this superb machine, will be a delight.

It is very affordable and the name speaks for itself, you are investing in quality. It is easy to cut accurately and the up to 3000 strokes per minute performance is truly impressive. You can also make angled cuts of up to 45 degrees. You are going to find the dust blower to be an amazing addition to the many practical features.

Jig Saw

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5| Sander

One of the basic woodworking tools for beginners is definitely this palm sander. As soon as you finish cutting the pieces, the next step is sanding the wood. The right finish will guarantee the right look for your DIY kitchen or garden furniture. Before varnishing, or if you prefer to leave it natural, sanding is an important step.

If you are looking for must-have woodworking tools, you will definitely need a quality sander. In addition to sanding, this clever machine also functions as a polisher, so you can shine your furniture too. What we love about this Bosch sander is the dust collector feature, so you don’t have to worry about the mess sanders usually make. Order the sander with a disc set so you don’t have to worry about finding the right size.

Sander best woodworking tools for beginners

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4| Table saw

Naturally, if you are an absolute beginner, this table saw might not be your first choice. Still, if you are considering taking your game to the next level, it is among the must-have woodworking tools. After building your first portable bottle holder, kitchen shelves, or beautiful planter, you are going to be hooked for life.

An active woodworker’s best friend is a quality and portable table saw because it makes the process much easier and faster. This strong and durable DEWALT table saw can be packed up in less than a minute. Traveling with this hard worker is easy and assembling it takes only moments.

Table saw - best woodworking tools for beginners

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3| Pushblock – basic woodworking tools for beginners

Because nothing is more important than safety, one of the most important basic woodworking tools for beginners is this pushblock. Protecting your hand is not a rookie thing, so don’t be afraid of making sure. It is an inevitable tool if you plan on using a table saw. Every experienced woodworker would advise you to invest in a quality pushblock.

This one is adjustable at every angle, so it can serve as an extension of your hands. You can make precise cuts while also comfortably navigating on the table saw. The blocks also protect from kickback to avoid any surprise while working.

Pushblock basic woodworking tools for beginners

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2| Wood Router – basic woodworking tools for beginners

Although a wood router and trimmer would only be useful if you are creating somewhat more complex pieces, it is definitely a very useful tool. If you are a beginner who would like to take the next step, this is one of your must-have woodworking tools.

With this trimmer, you can easily cut any shape without much effort. You can make any kind of cut, no matter how intricate, small, or where it is located on the board. If you are building drawer chests, this is a great tool to finish all the routing.

Wood Router - basic woodworking tools for beginners

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1| Biscuit Joiner

Your woodworking days are going to be so much easier with this convenient biscuit joiner. If you are looking to create furniture with complicated joints, this superb machine will save time and a lot of energy. The reason it is among the best DIY woodworking tools for beginners is that it is very easy to use. Thanks to its dual rack and pinion fence, accuracy is guaranteed, while you don’t have to worry about a thing. The joiner also comes with a number of presets, but if you prefer to create a unique joint, feel free to adjust it yourself.

Biscuit Joiner - best woodworking tools for beginners

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