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Try fun wood crafts plans you can easily build even as a beginner. Explore thousands of unique furniture, toy, and game woodworking plans for kids and adults so you can craft together with your kids.

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Woodworking Crafts Plans For Adults & Kids (1)

Fun Wood Crafts Plans For Kids & Adults

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Looking for some of the coolest and most fun wood crafts plans for kids and adults? Then you’re at the right place. We collected some pretty great wood project ideas that are perfect for beginner woodworkers of all ages.

You’ll find here wood craft ideas for small toys, treasure chests, unique and quirky furniture, and all kinds of great games and home decor items. These plans will help you learn woodworking like a pro and of course create a home you want on a budget.

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Woodworking is one of the most relaxing, useful, and profitable hobbies. So, we also included at the end of your list two amazing guides that will help you build your own woodworking workshop and even start your own woodworking business if you like on a budget.

However, you’ll find here some great beginner-friendly ideas even if you’re just a hobby woodworker and want to work on some easy wood crafts plans. In case you’re brand new to woodworking you can also check out our list of basic woodworking tools every beginner needs.

What else is included in Ted’s Plans?

1. Step by step instructions
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3. Detailed Schematics
4. Woodworking Plans That Are Suitable For Beginners & Professionals (Views From All Angles)
5. Instant Access To All 16,000 Projects created by professional woodworkers – Indoor/outdoor furniture plans, small crafts, kids crafts & more.
6. A Treasure Trove of Tutorials and in-depth woodworking training
7. DWG & CAD Plan Viewer so you can edit and modify your plans
8. Premium Woodworking Videos
9. Custom Plans + Support – You’ll also have the option to request custom plans and get help from master craftsmen by email and through their forum.

ted's woodworking plans

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10| Create a baby cot from a barrel Wood Crafts Plans

Fun Woodworking Crafts Plans

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Were you always a fan of creative and unique barrel furniture plans? Then this adorable baby cot from a barrel will be something you’ll love working on. With small adjustments, this can also be a chair or a really cool swing so you can use it inside the house and outside in your garden.

While it’s a bit more complex woodworking project it’s still a great choice even for beginners and you can work together on it with kids and let them paint and decorate it the way they like it.

9| Bed & Dresser Train Woodworking Plan

bed & dresser train woodworking plan

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Looking for a bigger but really fun craft plan? Then go with this beautiful train-inspired bed and dresser for kids. Thanks to the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and clear plans you’ll be able to easily build this beauty even as a beginner.

It’s a great budget option for those too who want unique furniture in their kid’s room but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a single piece of furniture. You can even work on it with your kid and of course even personalize it further by painting it together.

8| Dog Hammock Woodworking Plan

dog hammock woodworking plan

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Are you looking for a new dog bed for your furry best friend? This modern dog hammock not only looks great but is also super easy to make. It’s a great choice for spring and summer sins it’s comfortable, portable, and the bottom of the bed is not on the ground so it’ll help your puppy cool off easier.

It’s a fairly simple project so you can work on it with kids, paint it and choose the colors together. It’s also a beginner-friendly woodworking crafts plan that will help you get a deeper understanding of hammocks so you’ll be able to easily build more not just for your pet but for you and your family as well.

7| Wooden Airplane

Wooden Aeroplane plan

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Working on this stunning wooden airplane is a perfect choice for those who want to pick up a new hobby or looking for a longer project they can work on with their kids.

It’s not a very difficult project but you’ll need some time and patience to finish it. However, this lovely piece will also make amazing handmade gifts for adults and kids who enjoy collectibles and airplane models.

6| Kids’ home stairs slide plan

Kids' home stair slide plan

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Looking for a bigger woodworking project? Then go with this amazing stairs slide plan your kids and probably even you will love. Make sure you follow all the safety protocols and instructions to make it 100% safe.

It’s probably not the best choice if you’re completely new to woodworking but if you’ve already got some experience then it’s a fantastic and unique addition to any home with kids. You can of course set up the slide inside or outside in your garden and eventually even build a whole playground or a beautiful fortress around it.

5| Wooden Rocking Horse Plans

Wooden Rocking Horse Plans

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Rocking horses are some of the most beloved children’s toys and home decor items ever. Thanks to these simple plans you can learn how to build your own at home.

You can of course even further personalize it by carving or changing the shape of the horse or as with the other woodworking projects you can choose special colors and paint it together with the kids.

4| Honda Wood Carving Project

Honda Woodcarving Project

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Looking for an epic and really cool wood carving project that the kids will love just as much as adults? Then choose one of the many wood carving plans to work on. For example, this stunning Honda wood carving plan will help you create not only a great and unique toy but something that can be the coolest decor item in your home.

It’s also one of the best woodworking crafts projects for kids because it’ll help them improve their fine motor skills, patience, and how to work towards goals step-by-step.

3| Birdhouse Wood Crafts plans

birdhouse woodworking plans

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The best spring and summertime projects are building unique and charming birdhouses. These lovely birdhouse woodworking plans will help you and your little ones create magical and great-looking homes for birds.

Since this collection will let you choose from many different plans you’ll be also able to choose from easy, medium, and high difficulty birdhouses.

2| Kids Toy Woodworking Plans

wooden kids toys plans

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Do you want to learn how to create your kids’ toys on your own? Or even teach them how to make them and work on these fun toys together? Then you’re in luck Ted’s Plans also include hundreds of charming wooden toy plans.

You’ll be able to choose from many different projects based on your skillset and get to build increasingly difficult but more exciting toys as your skills improve. You can even learn how to build doll houses or tree houses once you mastered the basics.

1| Jewelry Box Woodworking plans

woodworking small crafts

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Do you love mystery boxes, treasure chests, and beautiful jewelry boxes? Thanks to these amazing plans you’ll soon be able to create your own designs and add any personalization you like.

These boxes are also really fun for kids who love hiding their top-secret things in them so it’s a great idea to add locks to the boxes too.

And other 10K+ woodworking plans too to Improve your home & garden

woodworking crafts plans

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While thanks to these plans you’ll be able to get started with woodworking and work on fun crats you’ll also be able to start working on bigger woodworking projects. You can improve your home and create unique home decor items, as well as one-of-a-kind furniture on a budget.

Not sure how to put together a woodworking workshop?

how to set up a small woodworking workshop

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Do you want to set up your own woodworking shop at home but are not sure where to start? Check out this easy-to-follow workshop guide for beginners that will help you set up a pro workshop on a budget.

Do you want to learn how to make money woodworking?

how to start a woodworking business

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Do you want to get started with a woodworking business as a beginner? This cool woodworking business guide will help you get started, build, and scale your woodworking business even if you’re on a budget.

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Woodworking Crafts Plans For Adults & Kids (2)


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