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Explore the best online woodworking courses for beginners and learn how to make money with woodworking. You’ll find here easy and creative DIY woodworking projects, as well as the best beginner woodworking classes you can take online and start this great hobby the right way.

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Easy DIY Woodworking courses for beginners

Beginner Online Woodworking Courses & Classes

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Thanks to the internet and some tech-savvy professional woodworkers it’s never been easier to enroll in beginner woodworking courses. Woodworking enthusiasts can learn everything about this fun hobby from the comfort of their own home while taking as much time as needed.

These courses are great for those who are looking for beginner woodworking plans or even if they want to learn how to make and sell things online to make some extra money. Woodworking is one of the best and most profitable hobbies that can help you make money from home in a considerably short time. Our woodworking courses list is perfect for those who want to learn more about DIY woodworking projects for beginners and looking for easy craft ideas to make as gifts or home decor.

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These beginner-friendly woodworking classes will teach you everything you need to know about woodworking from setting up your woodworking shop and making your first woodworking projects, to DIY gift ideas for friends and family. Woodworking is one of the best hobbies if you want to make your own gifts for Christmas or create truly memorable and thoughtful DIY wedding gifts.

However, you can also use your new skill to decorate and remodel your kitchen or any room in your home. Make stunning DIY plant propagation stations, dog furniture, toys, and pretty much anything you desire. With a little investment, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Not to mention that if you’re actually interested in making money online eventually you can start selling your own creations.

How to make money with woodworking?

Do you want to learn woodworking because you want to learn how to make money but you’re not sure where to start? Then check out this step-by-step guide on how to start a woodworking business for beginners. Woodworking is not only a useful skill or a creative hobby but also a profitable business option you can do from the comfort of your own home.

While you need at least basic woodworking skills to get started you don’t have to be a woodworking wizard. There are plenty of creative woodworking projects that make money and don’t require advanced woodworking skills. After finishing a few beginner-level woodworking courses you’ll be ready to make easier wood items such as wooden dog ID tags, mobile holders, bookmarks, coasters, jewelry boxes, or bath caddies just to mention a few.

how to start a woodworking business

How To Set Up A Professional Woodworking Workshop?

You’ll, of course, have to set up your own woodworking shop but it doesn’t have to be expensive. This easy-to-follow step-by-step guide will help you to set up a woodworking shop in no time and on a budget. Setting up a safe and practical workshop is important for beginners even if you don’t plan on actually selling your creations. However, you’ll have all the most important basic woodworking tools and woodworking safety gear to get started and advance your skills at a good pace.

how to set up a small woodworking workshop

13| Ted’s Woodworking Classes, Projects, & Plans

ted's woodworking plans

If you’re looking for amazing beginner woodworking courses, projects, and plans in one place then you should check out Ted’s Woodworking. With a one-time purchase, you gain access to over 16,000 projects for all levels. Once you registered, you get step-by-step guides and plans to all designs along with every little detail you need to finish that project. We love that after the purchase you are going to receive monthly woodworking plans to give you further inspiration.

Ted’s Woodworking projects also offer plenty of further help, you will have access to training and tutorials if you are planning to take your woodworking hobby to the next level. Training includes CAD Plan Viewer, which will allow you to personalize any of the projects in the package. Once a member is always a member, there is only a one-time payment and you will also have lifetime access to over 150 videos that help with different questions that may come up.

Besides high-quality beginner woodworking plans and guides, you also get help with how to monetize your hobby. Therefore, if you want to learn from an experienced master and realize your dream woodworking projects, Ted’s is definitely a great choice.

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12|Geometric Wood Wall Hanging Course

Geometric Wood Wall Hanging - online woodworking courses for beginners (Small)

There is nothing more satisfying than filling your home with your own artwork. While it feels great to build your own furniture, or even make it from scratch, it might be better to start with a smaller project. Skillshare has some great online woodworking courses for beginners and we think artist Haleigh’s course is definitely great for absolute beginners.

Create a wood wall hanging design that is going to create a truly homey vibe for you. In this beginner-friendly woodworking course, you are going to master basic woodworking techniques and make a fun piece of art. The course is only 28 minutes and thanks to the clear instructions, making the art won’t take too long either. We think it would be also a great gift for any occasion.

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11| Woodworking For Beginners: Source, Design, and Sculpt With Confidence

Woodworking For Beginners Source, Design, and Sculpt With Confidence (Small)

Anne Briggs, farmer and artisan, and her business partner Josh Nava invite you to start a fun, relaxing, and useful hobby. With this thorough course, you can become a confident woodcarver. Learn how to pick the right piece of wood for your next project and how to design a convenient piece that could be your new best friend in the kitchen.

Anne and Josh are going to show you how to turn this intimidating craft into your new hobby while sitting on the couch at home. Master the use of sharp objects you might have been afraid of in the past. By the end of this 159-minute training, you are going to be the master of a beautiful craft. Thanks to Anne and Josh’s vast experience in woodworking and training, we think it is among the best online woodworking courses for beginners.

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10| Setting up your Woodshop

Setting up your Woodshop - beginner woodworking classes (Small)

If you are looking for beginner woodworking courses that are also fun, Brittany invites you to a rather unusual but super fun woodworking class. Thanks to her creative woodworking classes you’ll be able to learn about woodworking in an entertaining and simple way. She has a unique energy that will make some of the harder moments of learning a new skill or hobby much more fun. For instance, if you are new around the drill and saw, it can be difficult to pick them up and get to work. Thanks to your course master, it is going to be much easier from the first minute.

Brittany’s absolute beginner 17-minute course offers help with setting up your workshop. After you got all the necessary woodworking equipment, she will guide you through the first cut. From here, the sky is the limit, get ready for a fantastic journey filled with wood dust and a fresh varnish smell.

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If you need more guidance and a step-by-step guide on how to set up your small woodworking shop on a budget check out this program.

how to set up a small woodworking workshop

9| Beginner Woodworking Class: Building a Simple Table

Beginner Woodworking courses Building a Simple Table (Small)

If you are confident around your woodshop, it is time to build a stylish coffee table for your living room. This 48-minute course is going to help you become confident with basic woodworking skills while building a beautiful table all your friends will admire. It is also important to note, safety comes first, so don’t skip lesson 4. Brittany has a great sense of style, especially if you love modern Farm and Pottery Barn designs.

Naturally, you can go in any direction, this course offers help with personalizing your works. You are in luck if you are looking for online woodworking courses for beginners because this is simple and fun. There is no doubt, in a couple of hours you are going to become a pro woodworker, who can make beautiful tables of all kinds.

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8| 3D Modeling Furniture with SketchUp – Shaker Style Table

3D Modeling Furniture with SketchUp - Shaker Style Table (Small)

Woodworking and 3D modeling expert Bob is here to help you learn the basics of creating digital plans. He had been teaching for some time, so he has the necessary experience to make your journey easier. It is definitely a useful skill if you are planning to create complex designs or if you are considering a woodworking career.

By learning how to model a shaker-style table you will be able to create models for various other furniture too. In only 9 lessons (50 minutes) Bob can help you learn the basics and create your own models. It is difficult to find beginner woodworking plans that can be personalized, why not create your own? With this woodworking course, you are going to be able to realize any dreamed design much easier.

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7| Simple DIY Herb Planter Box – Beginner Woodworking Courses

Simple DIY Herb Planter Box - Beginner Woodworking courses (Small)

Once Bob showed you how to create digital models for your future projects, let him show a simple, yet fun woodwork. It will play an important role in another hobby of yours. Gardening is a lot of fun, but even if you are a gardener just out of necessity, quality planters are going to be extremely useful. Bob is going to show you how to make these planters from scratch with very little work.

We love that he uses multiple saws, to help every woodworker use the tool they already have. The reason we think it is one of the most helpful beginner woodworking courses is because of the way Bob demonstrates everything. He is very calm and as we just mentioned, he completes the work with various tools you might already have. Besides the actual woodwork, Bob introduces a fun treatment that is also going to make the planter look cooler.

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6| Beginner Woodworking: Making Your Wood Project Amazing through Paint and Stain (finishing)

Beginner Woodworking Making Your Wood Project Amazing through Paint and Stain (finishing) (Small)

If you grew fond of Brittany’s style through the first two online woodworking courses for beginners, number three is going to be your favorite because it’s just as fun and useful but allows you to easily personalize your woodworking prjoects. Woodworking isn’t just sawing, drilling, and nailing, but you already know that. This superb course is going to help you understand different finishing techniques. You will learn how to apply them, when are they the best solutions, and what works best for you.

You are going to get all the answers in this short (18 minutes), yet remarkably informative course. If you don’t have a clue what distressing means, you are at the right place. Furthermore, Brittany is going to give you tips about sanding, painting, protective coating, and staining as well.

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5| DIY How to build an affordable Plywood Bookcase – Basic Woodworking

DIY How to build an affordable Plywood Bookcase - Basic Woodworking (Small)

Dutch designer Auke is a great choice for those who are looking for beginner woodworking plans in a minimalistic style. During this course, you are going to learn how to create simple, yet utterly stylish and practical furniture.

The 12-minute short class focuses on building a bookcase that was built out of a single plywood sheet. We love beginner woodworking courses, where you can learn simple, yet outstanding techniques. Once you are finished with this course you can start creating your own plywood designs to furnish your dream home. Auke and his designer and crafty partner, Jildou also offer online courses to design your own tiny home so, if you are in search of practical ideas, you are at the right place.

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4| Beginner Woodburning: How To Customize Gifts

woodburning - online woodworking courses for beginners (Small)

We love DIY gifts because nothing says “I care about you” more clearly than a gift made by you. An absolutely personal gesture that shows you really care. We also adore DIY home décor, because your home is only truly yours if you can see your personality reflect on it.

Thanks to Skillshare, now you can find online woodworking courses for beginners that help you create the gifts and home you always dreamt of. With Alex’s support, you are going to be able to make outstanding wooden gifts and personal decorations in no time.

Woodburning is a really great way to turn a piece of wood into something really magical. With a few easy steps your wedding, baby shower, and birthday party guests can get personal party favors everyone is going to keep forever.

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3| Beginner Woodworking: Handmade Christmas Gifts!

Beginner Woodworking Handmade Christmas Gifts (Small)

Brittany was quite productive to everyone’s delight and created another tutorial that is going to change the way you look at wood. This time she invites us to a woodworking course to create handmade Christmas gifts. During this 24-minute class, she will also give you some excellent DIY gift ideas, so you can cross off a few names from your Christmas shopping list.

It is really the best idea to make presents for your loved ones because nothing shows more how much you care. Do it with your family and it is also a great family program, you can even get this year’s family Christmas photo taken in the workshop. It would certainly look cute. In case you are looking for beginner woodworking courses, you are going to love this one, even if you don’t want to gift your works just yet.

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2| Milling Lumber tips and tricks for the beginner

Milling Lumber tips and tricks for the beginner (Small)

Michael has plenty of experience to make your learning journey as easy as possible. He is going to show you all sorts of techniques that will help you create fantastic designs in no time. We love that Michael allows his students enough time to become confident with all the cutting types and also supports them all the way through.

Learn how to handle timber and how to get the most out of every piece. It is especially useful if you are thinking of picking up woodworking as a career and you don’t know where to start. We find Michael’s one of the most extensive online woodworking courses for beginners.

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1| Christmas Craft – How to make Wood Mountain Ornaments

Christmas Craft - How to make Wood Mountain Ornaments (Small)

Making DIY Christmas decorations is a great hobby for many reasons. First of all, you can quickly get into the Christmas spirit while making them. Second of all, your home is going to be unique, no one in the family is going to have anything remotely similar. And last but not least, you and your loved ones are going to feel much closer in a warm, homey setting.

Amber has one of the best beginner woodworking courses for DIY home decorators without a doubt. Sometimes the simpler the better they say, and you are about to make something really simple, yet heartwarming. This 12-minute class is going to take you through the process of creating fun mountain ornaments for Christmas and once you are confident in your workshop, you can decorate your whole home.

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