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Learn how to make homemade mochi ice cream with these mouthwatering vegan and gluten-free mochi ice cream recipes. These delicious treats are perfect for summer parties or if you want to enjoy your favorite ice cream a little bit differently.

vegan mochi ice cream

Mochi normally should be vegan and gluten-free. Unfortunately, there are so many unhealthy food additives that get into the shop mochi that it’s getting harder and harder to find healthy and organic versions of it. Especially, when it comes to mochi ice cream.

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However, you can easily learn how to make homemade mochi ice cream and it’s also fairly easy to make even for beginners. No matter if you crave strawberry mochi, green tea mochi, mango mochi, or a more traditional taste we have the right mochi recipe on this list for you.

Mochi is one of the most popular and beloved Japanese desserts and its ice cream version is the perfect summer snack for kids and adults. You can easily buy organic vegan ice cream or just make your own if you follow the recipe included in our list.

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Yummy Vegan Mochi Ice Cream Recipes

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best vegan mochi ice cream recipes

5| Vegan Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

Vegan Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream - best vegan mochi ice cream recipes (Small)

Green tea mochi ice cream is one of the yummiest versions of this popular treat. You can try an easy-to-follow and delicious recipe on All Recipes that’s also a perfect choice for beginners. It’s a refreshing not too sweet mochi ice cream perfect for those who don’t really like sweets but want something delicious to cool them off on hot days. You can also follow along with a great step-by-step video guide.

4. Vegan Mango Mochi Ice Cream Recipe

Vegan Mango Mochi Ice Cream Recipe

Learn how to make the most delicious homemade mango mochi ice creams with the help of Cooking With Dog‘s recipe. It’s a super refreshing fruity mochi ice cream and it is very healthy if you make your own vegan mango ice cream. Mango is one of the most popular fruits and for a good reason. It’ll make your delicious dessert much healthier and flavorful.

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3. Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream

Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream

Strawberries just make everything more delicious, including mochi ice creams. Jillian Rae Cooks‘ yummy and easy strawberry mochi ice cream recipe is one you should definitely try. She also gives easy-to-follow instructions, has great images. Jilian also offers guidance on how to make this treat in a vegan-friendly way.

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2. Homemade Mochi Ice Cream

best Homemade Mochi Ice Cream (Small)

Do you also love making everything from scratch? Then check out Tastes Better From Scratch‘s amazing and easy homemade mochi ice cream. Lauren has easy-to-follow recipes with a great image of every step of the process so you can easily learn how to make this delicious Japanese frozen dessert. If you’re craving a traditional and creamy homemade mochi ice cream then make her delicious version of it.

1. Ube Mochi Ice Cream

Ube Mochi Ice Cream (Small)

Looking for a beautiful and yummy mochi ice cream recipe that’ll be a big hit at a party? Then make Casa Creatures‘  flavorful and alluring Ube mochi ice cream. Ube is a tasty purple yam that’ll not only make your mochi ice cream more flavorful but more appetizing as well. With fun and stunning images and an easy-to-follow guide, you’ll surely make your own version in no time.


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