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Try the best vegan meal prep lunches for beginners. Explore the best healthy vegan meal prep for lunch to fuel you at work and school. Enjoy the best high-protein, gluten-free keto-friendly, plant-based meal prep lunch recipes that are also perfect for weight loss.

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vegan meal prep lunches

Beginner Friendly Vegan Meal Prep Lunch Recipes

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Welcome to our list of the best and easiest vegan meal prep lunches. Making something new, delicious, and healthy for every lunch can be challenging. That’s why we thought to collect some of our favorite vegan meal prep lunch recipes and share them with you.

Meal prepping can help you create more balanced and exciting meals for every day of the week and even under 30 minutes. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Veggies don’t need that much cooking/baking time – if they need it at all – as meat so you can make flavourful dishes in even less than 15 minutes.

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You’ll find here some truly mouthwatering lunch vegan meal prep ideas to fit every taste and need. You can make delicious vegan meal prep lunches no matter what you like. Our list got everything from high protein, gluten-free, dairy-free, to keto-friendly vegan meal prep lunches for weight loss.

So, if you are already a vegan or just getting started with a more plant-based diet these meal prep ideas for lunch will be a great help.

12| Low Carb Vegan Fajita Bowl

Low Carb Vegan Fajita Bowl - keto vegan meal prep lunches for weight loss

Low Carb Vegan Fajita Bowl recipe by Bowlsarethenewplates

This flavourful and filling vegan lunch meal prep idea is perfect for beginners since it’s surprisingly easy to make. It’s also gluten-free and keto-friendly so it’s also perfect for those who are looking for weight loss meals.

It’s easily portable and just as yummy cold as it is when it’s hot. Thanks to its colorful aesthetics and texture is a big hit with kids too.

11| Vegan Pesto Pinwheels – Gluten-Free Vegan Meal Prep Lunch

Vegan Pesto Pinwheels - Gluten-Free Vegan Meal Prep Lunchvegan pesto pinwheels recipe by plantbasedrdblog

These refreshing and delicious pinwheels are the perfect summer vegan meal prep lunch. You’ll only need a few minutes to make them and are easily portable so you can take them to work and kids will also love it as a school lunch.

It can easily be a gluten-free meal if you choose a gluten-free tortilla. We love to add a little extra sauce like barbecue sauce when we crave a bit more smoky taste.

10| Roasted Vegetable Healthy Lunch Bowls

Roasted Vegetable Healthy Lunch Bowls - vegan meal prep lunch recipes

Roasted Vegetable Healthy Lunch Bowls recipe by Beautybites

This delicious vegan lunch bowl is perfect for chickpea and grill lovers. It has a deep and rich flavor and is superbly filling without leaving you heavy after lunch.

It’s another one of the fool-proof easy vegan meal prep lunches you can make under 30 minutes and one the whole family will enjoy. It’s the best during summer but you can try it any time of the year.

9| Vegan Avocado Wrap With Chickpeas

Vegan Avocado Wrap With Chickpeas - vegan meal prep lunches

Vegan Avocado Wrap With Chickpeas by Earthofmaria

This Vegan wrap is the perfect meal prep recipe. It’s ready in under 30 minutes, it’s flavorful, and it’s super healthy. However, be careful because it’s so yummy and light that you can end up eating more than what your stomach can handle.

8| Easy Saucy Ramen Noodles (Vegan Recipe)

easy vegan ramen noodles - easy vegan meal prep lunch recipesEasy Saucy Ramen Noodles (Vegan Recipe) by thefoodietakesflight

Are you a ramen fan? You should try this flavourful yet simple vegan meal prep lunch recipe. This is the perfect lunch idea for beginner vegans and non-vegans since you’ll see you can’t tell if it’s a vegan meal or not. It’s also easily portable and is delicious when fresh or when you re-heat it.

7| Vegan One-Pot Bean Chili

Vegan One-Pot Bean Chili - easy vegan meal prep lunch ideas

Vegan One-Pot Bean Chili by Vegannie

Chili is surely one of our favorite go-to comfort dishes. It’s more of a winter-meal idea but if you’re like us you can have it pretty much any time and day. This one-pot vegan chili recipe is rich and can be gluten-free too.

Since it’s a fairly simple recipe you’ll have no problem making it even if you’re a beginner cook. It’s also one of the healthiest and most flavourful high-protein vegan meal prep lunches.

6|Roast Squash and Feta Couscous

Roast Squash and Feta Couscous - vegan meal prep lunch recipes

Roast Squash and Feta Couscous recipe by Daisiesandpie

Another refreshing and healthy vegan meal prep lunches for weight loss. You can, of course, eat it even when you’re not planning to lose weight. But it’s certainly one of the best dishes to choose if you wish to get healthier and get in better shape.

It’s easy to make and will make you feel full without leaving you feeling uncomfortable so after lunch, you can concentrate with full power on your work or classes again.

5| Vegan “BLT” Sandwich

Vegan “BLT” Sandwich - best vegan meal prep lunches for beginners

Vegan “BLT” Sandwich recipe by Minimalistbaker

Few things are so delicious as this vegan ‘BLT’ sandwich. It’s ready in minutes and is a big hit with kids and adults alike.

You’ll only need a few ingredients and about 15 minutes of your time to see that you don’t have to eat meat to enjoy a perfectly crunchy and rich BLT sandwich. You can also easily turn this sandwich into a gluten-free lunch if you go for gluten-free bread.

4| Vegan Carbonara

Vegan Carbonara - vegan meal prep lunches

Vegan Carbonara recipe by Veganonboard

Carbonara is another one of our family favorites. It’s one of our go-to dishes when it comes to lunch and dinner because it’s delicious, easy to make, and comforting.

This creamy one-pot vegan meal prep recipe for lunch will be your new favorite. It’s super easy to make even for complete beginners and is ready in under 30 minutes. If you’re craving a creamy and flavourful comfort meal you should definitely try this one.

3| Vegan Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

vegan Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes - easy vegan meal prep lunch ideas

Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recipe by PurelyKaylie

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? We sure do. And we completely fell in love with this stunning stuffed sweet potato recipe. It’s both filling and feels fresh. This dish is a great choice for all seasons and if you want to turn it into a bit more hearty meal you can add some vegan cream or vegan cheese to it.

It’s also very easy to make and is a great choice for beginners who are looking for high-protein, gluten-free vegan meal-prep lunches that will fuel them throughout the day. Also, it’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking for meal prep ideas for non-vegans or for those who are just getting started with a plant-based diet.


VEGAN BURRITO - vegan meal prep lunches for beginners

VEGAN BURRITO recipe by Simple-Veganista

We just couldn’t leave burrito off of our list. As I mentioned we love Mexican food and burrito is probably on the top of that list. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And if you try this rich and fresh vegan burrito recipe you will soon too.

It’s superbly easy to make, packed with proteins, and is one of the most filling vegan meal prep lunches for weight loss. If you make it with gluten-free tortilla you get a completely gluten-free meal that vegans and non-vegans can enjoy.

1|One-Pot Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff​ (30-Minutes)

One-Pot Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff - one pot vegan meal prep lunches

One-Pot Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff​ recipe by Sweetsimplevegan

Are you into one-pot dishes? We too! This delicious, creamy, and rich mushroom stroganoff recipe is to die for. Try it, but be aware that it is an addictive and dish kids and adults love the same.

We also often make this for dinner parties because it’s easy to make and our non-vegan friends enjoy it as well. It’s ready in under 30 minutes and can easily be turned into a gluten-free meal by getting gluten-free pasta.

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