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Find the right plant propagation station that will transform your kitchen and home into a lush and calming jungle. Beginners guide to indoor and outdoor propagation station ideas for all budgets and styles.

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Plant Propagation Station Ideas

Best plant propagation stations to transform your kitchen & home

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What are propagation stations?

Propagation stations help you display, grow plants from cutting easier more comfortably. These stations can come in all shapes and sizes so you can easily find the right one for your home and taste.

What can you grow in a propagation station?

You can grow pretty much anything you like. All kinds of plants can be propagated like vegetables, succulents, flowers, and herbs. It all depends on the size and sturdiness of your propagation station.

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How do you use a plant propagation station?

A good propagation station has various use, one where you can do the cuttings, one for re-planting, and one where you can display and grow the new cuttings. Some use a simple table or just the ground to do the cuttings and replanting and their propagation station is simply where they safely keep and grow the new cuttings.

Beginners guide to setting up propagation stations

If you want to go all the way and build up your own propagation station you’re at the right place. No matter if you plan on creating your own indoor or outdoor propagation station our guide will help you go through this process quickly.

Plant propagation kit:

You’re going to need various tools to make your plant propagation station. Some of these things might already be available in your home. But if not you can easily get it in any gardening shop or even on Amazon.

Must-haves for plant propagation:

Plant propagation tubes, jars, and potters.

You’ll need the right jar or potter depending on if you would like to propagate in water or in soil. If you’re a beginner you might want to start out with water propagation since it’s easier, faster, and the cuttings also look incredible while displayed in various stations all over the house and garden.

Plant Propagation books

If you’re not sure how to get started you can always buy a nice plant propagation guidebook. Not only incredibly useful but also makes a great coffee table decor item.

Get a Plant Propagation Station With Light – Led Plant Grow Lights

You can make your indoor plants grow faster and healthier with the help of plant lights. For only about $20 bucks you can make this process much easier. You can grow your own veggies and fruits indoors by giving them a bit of extra blue light and red light they otherwise would miss and most likely die. For only a few bucks you can buy full spectrum led grow lights with timers so you just have to set it up and wait for the positive results.

Outdoor Potting Bench

A good outdoor potting bench is something you might want especially if you grow a lot of plants and are handling soil. It just makes the propagating process easier and faster. You can find plenty of amazing and sturdy designs around $100-$200 that will serve you well for years to come. If you have a smaller garden you can easily place them in the garage, kitchen, or in a shed if you have one. We listed here two great ones to give you an idea how these potting benches look like and also so you can see what they’re capable of storing.

Outdoor Potting Bench

This potting bench is the perfect choice if you have a lot of plants. You can store not only soil here but your tools too. This potting bench also has a fairly big sink that can make cleaning up and watering easier.

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Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

This charming potting bench will not take up much space in your garden and has a minimalist but classic design.

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DIY Outdoor Potting bench & Propagation Stations

You can of course also learn how to build a simple potting bench or beautiful propagation stations for your home both outdoors and indoors from scratch. It can be really fun to build your own outdoor potting bench and if you DIY propagation stations you can also choose any style and color and make it fully your own.

When we really got into things we discovered Ted’s Woodworking resources.  None of us is super handy and we had very little experience with woodworking but we found their blueprints and guides super helpful.

It comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step guides, blueprints, videos, and thousands of woodworking plans not just potting benches and propagation stations but all other kinds and everything else you need to learn how to make your own indoor and outdoor furniture or even shed.

kitchen woodworking plans

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If you always wanted to get started with woodworking then check out their guides and plans. Many of the projects are beginner friendly some you can even do with kids. However, as your skills improve you’ll be able to make their more complex and beautiful woodworking projects.

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Indoor Plant Propagation Station Ideas

You can make indoor plant propagation much more fun and easy if you choose the right stations. There are hundreds of amazing designs you can choose from that will transform your home and make your hobby even more enjoyable not only for you but for your family, friends, and everyone else who visits your home.

That’s why we collected some of the best design ideas to help you see just how easy it is to build your own plant propagation stations all around the house and garden. No matter if you’re looking for something small or a station that covers the whole wall, you’ll find here something special you’ll love.

Gode Indoor Propagation Station

Geode Propagation Station

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Looking for a hand-made boho indoor propagation station? Then go with this stylish piece that’s perfect for beginners and for those who are looking for a small propagation station for bedrooms and desks.

Rattan Plant Propagation Station For Wall

Rattan Plant Propagation Station for wall

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This medium-sized wall propagation station is the perfect choice for those who love unique design and are looking for a beautiful home decor item as well as a unique propagation station.

Plant propagation glass with Wooden Stand For Desk

Plant propagation glass with Wooden Stand

This retro desk plant terrarium and station idea is a great choice if you’re looking for something small to start out. Or if you want to decorate desks, tables, or shelves with your cuttings. For only a few bucks you can turn a boring table a bookshelf into something lively and stylish.

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Desk Glass Planter

Desktop Glass Planter

This is another great glass bulb plant terrarium idea with a bit more modern design. If you want a bit more modern greenery around the house a couple of these will surely do the job.

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Glass Planter Propagation Stations Desktop Vase

Glass Planter Propagation Stations Desktop Vase

In case you’re into minimalist and clean design then you should go for these beautiful plant vases that are also perfect for herb plant propagation.

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Boho / Aztec inspired triangle + diamond shelf set with optional propagation station

Boho Aztec inspired triangle diamond shelf set with optional propagation station

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Looking for the ultimate boho propagation station to turn your home into something truly special? Then check out this beautiful set of Aztec-inspired shelf propagation stations.

Hanging Plant Propagation Station Ideas

Window Plant Shelf | Hanging Shelf propagation stations

Window Plant Shelf -Hanging Shelf propagation stations

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These brilliant lightweight hanging window plant shelves are a better way to grow and display your indoor plants, succulents, flowers, and herbs. Thanks to its minimalist design it goes with pretty much all decor and it easily creates a more natural, relaxing, and calming environment.

Disco Planter – Hanging Plant Propagation Station

Disco Planter - hanging plant propagation station

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Looking for something truly unique and fun? Then why not get a disco plant propagation station and let your plants have some extra fun while growing.

Hanging Plant Propagation Station

Hanging Plant Propagation Station

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Hanging Plant Propagation Glass

plant propagation station ideas

You can easily create your own floating plant propagation station with the help of these stunning hanging glasses.

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Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame Plant Hangers

Are you into homey design and macrame? These beautiful hand-made pieces will let you show off your love and make your plants and home an even stunning look.

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Large propagation stations

Geometrical Triangle Wooden Plant Propagation Station

Large Plant Propagation station

This gorgeous large station is perfect for plants, herbs, and even to propagate veggies if you like. It’s not only beautiful but also sturdy and will give you plenty of space to grow all the plants you like in one place.

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Potted Steel-Wood Plant Propagation Station with Hanger

large Plant propagation station ideas

This stunning half-moon-shaped large propagation station is a perfect fit for those who love modern home decor and clean design.

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Metal Plant propagation station

Metal Plant propagation station Creative Half Moon Shape

This elegant and creative design will give a new and stylish home to all your new and old plants while also letting you enjoy nature indoors.

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5-Tier Plant Propagation Station

5-Tier Plant Stand Pack of 2

Looking for a truly big plant propagation station idea? These beauties will help you turn your home into an elegant and stylish jungle in no time for sure.

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Wood Plant propagation Station Indoor & Outdoor

Wood Plant propagation station Indoor Outdoor

Go for sturdier propagation stations that can handle indoors and outdoors. This beautiful peace is just like that. It’s also a good idea to go for a station that has heels so you can move them more easily.

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Metal 3-Tier Hanging Plant Stand

Metal 3-Tier Hanging Plant Stand for outdoor

This elegant and modern metal hanging plant station will do well no matter if you use it indoors or outdoors.

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Indoor / Outdoor Wood Plant Stand

Indoor and Outdoor Wood Plant Stand

This is another beautiful farmhouse-style station you can use indoors or outdoors without an issue.

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Large Wooden Plant Stand for Indoor & Outdoor

large Wooden Plant Stand for Indoor & Outdoor

This large wall plant station is super easy to set up and is stylish and super sturdy which means it’s capable of holding heavier and bigger plants too.

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DIY Plant propagation station

You can of course build more than just a potting bench. You can learn how to build a plant propagation station from scratch. Ted’s Woodworking guides will help you learn how to build a propagation station wall. You don’t need any special skills or previous experience to be able to follow Ted’s instructions. While building your own plant propagation station will certainly take more time than buying one it can save you some serious bucks and can teach you one of the most exciting and profitable hobbies that make money.

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