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Taking the right type and right quality vegan vitamins and supplements are especially important for beginner vegans. Our guide will show you the most important vitamins every vegan should take to make sure you fuel your body with the right kind of nutrients every day.

best vegan vitamins

We’ve been meaning to talk about the amazing vegan vitamins and vegan supplements our affiliate partner Future Kind creates since we get a lot of questions about it. Since we believe that self-care and wellness is just as important as eating healthy nourishing food we decided to create a detailed guide to the most important vitamins and supplements every vegan should take.

While vitamins can be crucial they do not substitute a balanced healthy diet. However, they can be of big help especially if you have a vitamin deficiency. Vegan vitamins are also important when your not yet sure how to take in your daily nutrients. Most vegans need to take a few kinds of vitamins and supplements it all depends on one’s diet and special needs. You should consider your weekly meal prep and the type of food you’re already taking into your system. Whatever you can’t take in naturally you should make sure to take a supplement for it before you start seeing or feeling the side effects of vitamin deficiency.

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On our list, you can find everything from an organic multivitamin for vegans to vegan supplements such as vegan omega-3 and vegan collagen. Naturally, it also depends on your goal. Would you like to increase your energy, boost your immunity? Others might need some help with their skin and hair. However, vegan vitamins and supplements can even help with boosting your mood and even stress relief to help you sleep better.

What vitamins should vegans take daily?

First comes first, is the quality of your vitamins. Quality always over quantity. We LOVE Future Kind because all their vitamins and supplements are high quality, clean, organic, sustainable, and vegan.

Vegans should take a good multivitamin and an immune booster is especially during flu season especially if they don’t get the yearly flu vaccine. Depending on one’s diet vegans should take vegan protein, collagen, and omega-3 supplements. Vegan Iodine, D3, Vitamin-3 are also vitamins every vegan should take daily.

Best Vegan Vitamins & Supplements Every vegan should take

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Vegan Essential Vitamins

vegan multivitamins

Multivitamins for vegans are one of the most essential vitamins every vegan should take. It’s especially important when you’re just starting out with your vegan diet and not sure yet how to take in all the nutrients your body needs daily. Even if you’re a seasoned vegan now but not tracking your daily vitamin and nutrient intake you should definitely go for a good vegan multivitamin. if you’re lacking energy, can’t seem to sleep right, or have week nails or hair vitamin deficiency can be behind the symptoms. If you don’t want to visit a dietitian immediately you should start taking multivitamins and see if you see and feel improvements.

Future Kind created the world’s first essential multivitamin that is specifically made for vegans and for those who are on a plant-based diet. It’ll fuel your body, boost your immunity, mood, and energy.

Vegan vitamin B12

A good quality Vitamin B12 is one of the most crucial vitamins every vegan should take daily. B12 is essential for good energy and cognition. However, over 90% of the people who are on a plant-based diet are not getting enough of it. Future Kind‘s uses naturally occurring bioavailable methylcobalamin for their tasty B12 spray to make sure you get your B12 boost every single day.

Vegan Omega 3 vitamins

Fatty acids are incredibly important and can be easily overlooked by vegans. Even non-vegans are now taking vegan omega 3 supplements since it’s more sustainable and healthier. Vegan omega-3 is microplastics and mercury-free while also much better for our sea life and the whole environment. Omega-3 has many amazing benefits including maintaining good cognitive and joint health, lower blood pressure among many others. Future Kind’s sustainably sourced vegan omega 3 is an excellent choice not just for vegans.

Vegan Iodine

Those who are on a plant-based diet usually have an iodine deficiency. Getting enough iodine is essential for preventing low thyroid hormone production and hypothyroidism. You can try Future Kind’s Vegan Iodine Supplement – Liquid Drops that last up to 2 months and is deep-earth sourced natural potassium iodine that supports Thyroid Health, a good immune function, as well as improves metabolism.

Best Vegan Vitamins for:

Low Energy

If you’re low on energy can be because of various reasons. If you’re healthy, getting enough sleep, have considerably normal stress levels, and have a good diet but still have difficulties and feel tired all the time you should visit your doctor to find out what could cause the problem. Future Kind has a wide range of vegan supplements and vitamins that can help you with energy-boosting once you figured out what caused the problem. It’s important that you don’t just start trying to take all kinds of vitamins but go the extra mile and take some tests to find out what specifically your body needs.

Eye health

If you want something specifically for boosting your eye health and are into vegan gummy vitamins then you should check out Future Kind’s Eye Love Vegan Gummies Mango-flavored Lutein gummies for eye health. Eye Love Vegan Gummies not only helps with vision sharpness but protects the eyes from sunlight and blue light damage.

Skin & Hair Health

Our skin and hair can indicate first that some vitamins are missing from our diet. If you feel like your hair changed, got dull, experiencing hair loss or your skin changed for the worse you should consider looking into your diet to find out what vitamins are missing from it. You should check out the best vegan skin & hair supplements by Future Kind. Vegan vitamins for hair and skin can be beneficial for non-vegans as well since all the ingredients are naturally sourced.

You can also try out vegan collagen and vegan plant protein powder to boost your hair, skin, and overall energy levels in a healthy and sustainable way.

Mood & Stress Control

Not taking in the right type and amount of nutrients can greatly affect our mood and the way we experience and handle stress. If you’re feeling that you have issues managing stress or have mood control issues you might want to consider taking some vegan stress & mood supplements to help you get back to normal balance.

Better Sleep

Getting quality and the right amount of sleep is one of the most crucial things we all need preferably every single day. If you’re struggling with falling asleep or getting a good, deep good night’s sleep you should try natural sleep supplements sooner than later. In case your problems are not improving you should definitely visit your doctor since sleep deprivation can lead to many serious health conditions both physically and mentally.

Vegan vitamins for women

Naturally, there are some vitamins that are specifically for women and there are times in every women’s life when it’s especially important to take all and the best possible supplements. One of these times is during and after pregnancy.

Vegan Prenatal vitamins for vegans

Future Kind’s vegan prenatal vitamins are sustainable and filled with the highest quality of nutrients every pregnant woman needs. It’s a complete prenatal multivitamin that has all the iron, omega-3, iodine, B12, Vitamin D3, Biotin, and many more crucial nutrients and vitamins every pregnant woman needs daily.

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