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Try the healthiest and best 7-day smoothie diet plans and recipes for weight loss. Explore healthy flat belly detox smoothies, delicious low-calorie coffee smoothies for weight loss, and other easy and yummy smoothies to lose belly fat fast.

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7 Day Smoothie Diet Plans

Healthiest Ways To Lose Weight With Smoothies

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Yes, Absolutely. If you make the right kind of smoothies they can boost your energy and your digestion while giving you all the nutrients your body needs.

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Meal replacement smoothies are a great and effective way to lose weight fast. You’ll take in fewer calories but get the nutrients you need so your body and mind will function well too. Replacing meals with smoothies is probably the healthiest way to get rid of unwanted weight right after exercise.

Can you put CBD in smoothies?

Yes, you can add CBD oil to smoothies. CBD oil can be a great addition to smoothies as it can add some unique flavor and potential health benefits.

Our favorite one is Diamond CBD because it’s a high-quality product with many benefits and they also have fast delivery and great customer service.

Can You add collagen powder to smoothies?

Yes, you can definitely add collagen powder to smoothies. Collagen is a type of protein that is good for your skin, joints, and bones, and can also help to improve muscle mass and recovery.

When adding collagen powder to your smoothies, you can simply mix it into the other ingredients. Start with a small amount, such as a tablespoon or two, and adjust to your desired taste and consistency. You can also experiment with different flavors of collagen powder to add some variety to your smoothies.

Also only use good quality collagen powders without any sugar added.

Our favorite is Sunwarrior’s Vegan Collagen Building Powder with hyaluronic, biotin, and vitamin C.

Nutritional Benefits of Smoothies in Weight Loss

Smoothies, when prepared thoughtfully, are powerhouses of nutrition. Smoothies should be packed with fibers, proteins, vitamins, and minerals while being low in calories. The right blend of ingredients boosts metabolism, aids digestion and helps in the efficient burning of calories.

Exercise and the Smoothie Diet

A balanced approach to weight loss includes physical activity. We discuss how to complement your smoothie diet with exercise routines that amplify fat loss, increase muscle tone, and improve overall fitness.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Many embark on a smoothie diet with enthusiasm but fall into traps that hinder progress. Remember to avoid sugar overloads, choose low-sugar fruits, and never add extra sugar to your smoothies.

Preparing Your Kitchen for a Smoothie Diet

Get your kitchen ready for a smoothie makeover! Make sure you have the essential equipment like a high-powered blender, and a shopping list of ingredients you’ll need to start your smoothie diet journey.

How to choose a 7-Day Smoothie Diet Plan?

Healthy 7-Day Smoothie Diet Plan

smoothie diet meal replacement

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Our favorite partner and smoothie diet program we use ourselves is this 21-day weight loss smoothie diet plan. Why? Simply because it works. Their guides are amazing and you will have no problem creating healthy and delicious smoothies for months. They offer great guides, amazing smoothie recipes, detox plans, a shopping list for each week, and much more. Their program and smoothie recipes were created by a professional Health Coach so you’ll feel energized and healthy while getting the nutrients your body needs to work well.

You can get started with their smoothies and do a 7-day smoothie diet and do it a bit longer or do it again and you’ll have plenty of delicious and healthy smoothie recipes to choose from. This way you can switch things up and don’t have to drink the same smoothies over and over again. Or have to spend hours online to find healthy and yummy weight-loss smoothies.

You’ll get fool-proof smoothie-making tips and a prep guide that’s extremely beneficial for beginners. While it’s easy to find smoothie recipes online what’s not so easy is to plan healthy and delicious fat-melting meal replacement smoothies that will actually help you get rapid results while keeping your energy levels up. They also offer guidance after the program and help you with planning your journey after the 21 days to keep the weight off. You can see many before and after testimonials with photos and videos as well. Their plan works so well, they also offer an amazing two-month money-back guarantee.

What’s included in the 21-day weight loss smoothie program?

  • 36 healthy & easy meal replacement weight loss smoothies (created by a health coach)
  • Quick start guide
  • Smoothie prep guide & tips
  • Detox plan
  • Weekly shopping list
  • Guide on how to extend the program
  • 60 Day money-back guarantee

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Looking for ways to lose weight with coffee smoothies?

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You can also give a try to Java Burn. Their mix is 100% organic and will help you burn fat and lose weight by boosting your digestion. You can add it to your morning coffee or to your delicious coffee smoothies.

Are you looking for a 7-Day Detox Smoothie Diet?

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Make sure you do your smoothie detox challenge the right way.

What You Get:

  • CORE DETOX GUIDE: Over 60 pages of detox tips for weight loss and improved health.
  • 10-DAY ACTION PLAN: Everything you need to follow the detox day by day.
  • ​RECIPES AND SHOPPING LISTS: Easy to follow to make shopping and prep a breeze!
  • ACCESS TO PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: Get support and motivation in our detox group
  • EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD AFTER YOU ORDER. No waiting for anything to come in the mail. Start TODAY!

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Organifi Green Juice 7-Day Smoothie Diet Plan

Organifi green juice is one of the easiest and healthiest 7-day smoothie diet options you have. It’s delicious and packed with nutrients that’ll help you lose weight while energizing you. You can actually drink it on its own or add it to your smoothies to boost your metabolism and make sure you get all the nutrients you need. It’s an organic whole food (FDA approved) mix of 11 superfoods and is packed with antioxidants and all kinds of nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. It helps with detox and with weight loss goals since it boosts natural energy levels, and metabolism in a natural way. Organifi also gives an overall boost to your immunity and total body health.

You’ll be getting 11 of the world’s healthiest superfoods that will help your body to shed weight and become slimmer, without counting calories. It also has stress-reducing herbs and is filled with antioxidants. If you’re not sure how to make healthy breakfast smoothies with Organifi then check out our guide.

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Looking for more Green juice options?

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You can also give a try to Daily Greens is a powerful and delicious way to nourish your body. It’s an organic Green Drink formula that contains no sugar, salt, dairy, soy, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. You can drink it on its own or add it to your smoothies.

4 Delicious Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

acai smoothie for weight loss

This delicious and super easy acai smoothie meal replacement smoothie for breakfast is perfect if you’re looking to lose some weight the healthy way. It’s filling, ready in 5 minutes, and is filled with nutritious low-sugar ingredients that will boost your energy and help you lose weight.

It’s super creamy and actually feels like eating a delicious dessert so you can also turn this acai smoothie recipe into an acai smoothie bowl and eat it as a nutritious snack. If you’re feeling low energy during the afternoons it’s a great vegan snack idea that’ll quickly help you get your energy levels back up and running.

If you’re here because you’re looking for healthy acai smoothie recipes for weight loss then you should put this delicious and healthy delight on your list. Acai is delicious and healthy so you should definitely add a few acai smoothie recipes to your 7 day smoothie diet plans.

Acai smoothie recipe for weight loss:

3| Digestion Boosting Green Juice Recipe For Weight Loss

Digestion Boosting Green Juice Recipe For Weight Loss

Our digestion-boosting green juice is perfect for those who want to lose weight. The ginger will help you get your digestive system work while the other yummy and vitamin-rich ingredients will supply your body and mind with crucial nutrients. If you want to go for a green juice diet then you can also check out our other healthy and delicious green juice recipes that will energize you and help you lose weight.
Just clean and chop off your ingredients, blend them together, and you’re ready.

Digestion Boosting Green Juice Recipe For Weight Loss:

– Kale (1 Handful)
– Ginger: (1 inch of fresh ginger)
– Green Apple (1)
– Celery (1 stalk)
– Cucumber (1)

2| Coffee smoothie without banana

coffee smoothie without banana

Are you a coffee lover? Then you can also consider trying out a 7-day coffee smoothie diet plan for weight loss. You’ll be drinking delicious and healthy coffees while getting your belly flatter.

This delicious coffee smoothie is perfect for hot summer days and is a great choice for those who want to thicken their smoothies with something else than a banana. Mango is a perfectly yummy and healthy choice because it’s delicious but it doesn’t have a very strong taste and more importantly it’s filled with nutrients your body needs.

For more low-calorie coffee smoothie recipes check out our other posts.


  • 1/4 cup frozen mango
  • 1/4 cup of coconut milk
  • 1/4 cups coconut cream (no sugar)
  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 1/4 tablespoon of ground ginger

1| Banana & Cinnamon Meal Replacement Smoothie For Energy

Meal Replacement Smoothies (1)

Looking for an energizing and creamy breakfast meal replacement smoothie that’ll feel like you’re indulging in a delicious dessert? Then try this yummy and creamy low-calorie breakfast smoothie that’s also low in sugar and will energize you.

This is a filling and delicious smoothie that will help you stick to your diet and is also a nice treat when you’re craving something during the day. You can check out our other yummy and healthy meal replacement smoothie recipes for breakfast or lunch. If you’re looking for healthy and filling 7 day smoothie diet plans then you should definitely add a few meal-replacement smoothies to your list.


  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 cup banana
  • 1 tablespoon ground almond
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

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