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Make some of the most fun, easiest, and healthiest vegan Halloween party snacks for kids and adults. These yummy plant-based Halloween desserts, Halloween finger food recipes, and last-minute Halloween snacks will surely make your Halloween party spookier and more memorable thanks to these unique Halloween recipes even non-vegans will love.

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super easy halloween snacks

Healthy Plant-Based Halloween Party Recipes

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Looking for some super delicious and equally aesthetic vegan Halloween party snacks for kids and adults? Then check out our favorite Halloween treats by imaginative creators. We collected some of the healthiest Halloween party snack ideas that are easy to make and most of them are ready in 30 minutes or less. Some of these fun and unique vegan Halloween desserts and snacks are ready in less than 15 minutes so it’s perfect for those who have a busy schedule.

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However, you’ll also find here some breathtaking vegan Halloween cake ideas and classic Halloween snacks with vegan and gluten-free treats. No matter if you’re looking for a Halloween snack idea for your kids, for your Halloween movie night, or for your next Halloween party because you’ll find here stunning and mouth-watering vegan Halloween treats.

16| VEGAN Pastry Voodoo Dolls

vegan halloween party pastry recipes

Looking for something simple, yummy, and voodoo inspired? Then check out these delicious Voodoo pastry dolls that’ll surely be kids’ and adults’ favorite Halloween snacks. You can easily make these healthy vegan Halloween treats in about 30 minutes so it’s a perfect treat for Halloween movie nights or as a party snack too.

To make these delicious and easy Halloween pasty voodoo dolls visit

15| Witch Hat Cookies

vegan halloween witch cookies

If you want to make a witchy Halloween treat this fall then you should check out these magical chocolate hats. They’re super easy to make and you’ll be ready in less than 30 minutes. To make these easy Halloween witch hat cookies visit

14| Vegan White & Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Bites

vegan halloween party recipes - halloween desserts

These cute and spooky white and dark chocolate vegan Halloween treats are perfect for families with smaller kids. It’s one of the easiest and fastest recipes too since you can make one batch in about 15 minutes.

To make this yummy vegan Halloween dessert recipe visit

13| Bloody Cups for Halloween (Vegan & Gluten-Free) + Video

vegan Halloween party snacks - easy halloween desserts

This is one of the spookiest and easiest vegan Halloween party snacks for beginners who still want to serve something unique this fall. Even though these bloody cups look special they’re actually ready in 25  minutes and are flavourful and healthy. To make this easy and spooky Halloween dessert recipe visit

12| Vegan Hocus Pocus Spellbook Brownies

vegan Halloween party desserts - vegan halloween brownie

Do you want to make a special brownie for your next Halloween party? Then check out these extra spooky and yummy vegan Halloween party snacks that’ll surely surprise your guests. These fun Halloween treats were inspired by Disney’s iconic Hocus Pocus movie and they’re not only easy to make but they’re also ready in about 30 minutes. Make these spooky vegan Halloween brownies with‘s easy recipe.

11| Vegan Halloween Pinwheel Cookies

easy halloween dessert recipes for parties

Black and orange are the official colors of Halloween and these delicious vegan Halloween party treats will surely further boost your party’s atmosphere while treating your guests’ taste buds. It’s an easy recipe but there are multiple steps involved and you have to put the dough in the freezer and then bake it so it’ll take a total of 60 minutes to make this delicious Halloween snack. To make this fun Halloween dessert visit

10| Halloween Chocolate & Pumpkin Cake with Orange Cashew “Buttercream” (Vegan)

easy vegan halloween cake recipe

Looking for a special Halloween treat then check out this beautiful and delicious vegan Halloween cake that’s surprisingly easy to make. It’s the perfect vegan Halloween party snack that’ll surely leave your guests in awe. You’ll need a bit more time to make it compared to cookies but it’s surely worth the time. It’s ready in about 2 and a half hours and up to 16 guests can be served with just one cake. To make this delicious and surprisingly easy Halloween cake recipe visit

9| Tombstone Cupcakes For Halloween (Vegan)

fun halloween snack ideas

Domestic Gothess is one of our favorite vegan bakers because her recipes are superbly aesthetic and always delicious while she also always manages to keep things simple and easy to follow. Her super fun tombstone cupcake recipe is an excellent example. They’re the perfect unique yet traditional vegan Halloween party snacks all guest will love no matter their age.

The prep time is a bit longer but you can make these Halloween muffins in two and a half hours. To make these delicious and fun Halloween party snacks visit

8| Easy Vegan Medjool Date Pumpkin Fudge

Easy vegan halloween desserts

Because there is no Halloween without fudge and pumpkins. These delicious traditional vegan Halloween treats are easy to make and will instantly melt in your mouth. They’re not only super fun and decorative Halloween treats but they’re also some of the easiest to make, and 12 serving is ready in 10 minutes so it’s perfect for those who don’t have a lot of time but still want to make something fun and yummy. To make these easy Halloween snacks visit

7| Halloween Cut Out Cookies – Gluten Free, Vegan

easy vegan halloween cookie recipes

If you’re looking for classic Halloween recipes with a vegan and gluten-free twist then you should try these fun Halloween cut-out cookies. They’re the perfect Halloween movie night snacks because they’re super easy to make and will surely be enjoyed by the whole family. You can make these yummy vegan Halloween party snacks in about an hour. To make these delicious vegan Halloween cookies for your party visit

6| Gluten Free Dairy Free Dirt Cups

vegan Halloween party snacks - halloween dirt cup recipe

These spooky dirt cups are the perfect vegan Halloween party snacks because they’ll keep your guests clean. They’re a big hit with kids and adults alike and you can serve something unique with a traditional taste. If you use the freezer to quickly chill the pudding you’re ready in about 30 minutes, or if you use organic vegan pudding that doesn’t need chill time you’re ready in 10 minutes. To make these easy Halloween dirt cups that are perfect for Halloween parties you should visit

5| Coffin Pop Tarts – Perfect for Halloween Parties

easy vegan halloween finger foods

Take your pop-tart-making skills to the next level with these super unique vegan Halloween party snacks. They’re sweet, cute, and will surely make a memorable treat at your next party and they’re also ready in about 40 minutes. To make these delicious vegan Halloween finger foods visit

4| Easy Vegan Chocolate Halloween Cupcakes

easy vegan halloween cupcake recipes

If you want to serve vegan Halloween cupcakes this fall then check out these creative ideas that are yummy, fun, and spooky. You’ll get various ideas about how to decorate your vegan Halloween cupcakes and be ready with them in under 30 minutes. To make these easy vegan Halloween cupcakes visit

3| Vegan Chocolate Marshmallow Ghost Cupcakes

easy vegan halloween marshmallow ghost recipe

Ghosts are also must-have creatures of any proper Halloween party. This super easy vegan Halloween ghost cupcake recipe will help you make a delicious and superbly aesthetic Halloween treat. This chocolaty marshmallow vegan Halloween party snack is ready in about 30 minutes and they’re also easy to make. To make these easy vegan Halloween marshmallow ghost cupcakes visit

2| Melting Ghost Hot Chocolate ( Homemade White Hot Chocolate)

easy non-alcoholic halloween drink idea

Looking for a  non-alcoholic vegan Halloween treat that’s good for kids and adults alike? Then check out this spooky ghost hot chocolate recipe that’s easy and looks super fun. It’s perfect for Halloween movie night or Halloween parties too. It’s not only super delicious but it’s also ready in just 10 minutes so it’s a perfect vegan Halloween party drink recipe for busy people. To make this delicious and easy non-alcoholic Halloween drink idea visit

1| Healthy Ghostly Chocolate Marshmallow Treats

easy vegan halloween treats

Looking for some super fun vegan Halloween party snacks for kids? Then these yummy ghost chocolate marshmallow pops are for you. They’re not only vegan but also gluten-free and there is no added sugar either. It’s also one of the most aesthetic vegan Halloween party snacks that’s super easy to make even for beginners and 24 servings are ready in about 30 minutes. To try these delicious and easy Halloween marshmallow treats visit

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