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Delicious and healthy iced tea recipes for summer. Refreshing no sugar vegan iced tea recipes perfect for summer parties as well as for kids & adults.

healthy iced tea recipes

No Sugar Iced Tea Recipes

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There is no doubt that one of the most popular summer drinks is a refreshing iced tea. Unfortunately, it’s much harder to find and even make a healthy iced tea. Worry not! We put together four of our favorite iced tea recipes for summer that will tickle your tastebuds.

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You’ll find here unsweetened iced tea recipes as well as ones that are made with the healthiest sugar alternative; coconut sugar. Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index and refined sugar and it’s much healthier especially if you buy organic.

Is iced tea good for you?

It can be if you choose to go with an iced tea recipe that’s sugar-free. No sugar iced teas can be just as delicious and much more refreshing than sugary ones. That’s why we put together this list with some of the yummiest healthy flavored iced tea recipes you can make fast.

You’ll find here a basic iced tea recipe that’s healthy and super easy to make, peach, lemon, and mint tea iced tea recipes as well as a creamy vegan Thai Tea recipe for those who prefer sweeter teas.

How to make Iced Teas healthier?

    • Make sure you choose teas that have a low percentage or zero caffeine in them.
    • Go organic and use real fruits, plants, and flowers
    • sweeten your iced tea with fruits or coconut sugar instead of refined sugar
    • Healthy Lemon Iced Tea Recipe

      Lemon iced tea is a classic. It’s most people’s favorite summer drink and it can be just as healthy as refreshing. Especially if you use enough real lemon in your tea since it’s filled with antioxidants, minerals, and important vitamins our body needs on a daily basis. Especially if you’re on a plant-based diet it’s important that you take vegan vitamins or go the extra mile and put together a healthy diet and vegan meal plan to make sure you take in every nutrient your body needs.

      healthy iced tea recipes - lemon iced tea

      How to make homemade lemon iced tea?

      It’s very simple and you’ll only need a few ingredients:

      – 2 organic green tea bags (decaf)
      – 1 thinly sliced lemon
      – 4 cups of hot water
      – 1 tbs organic coconut sugar (if you prefer a sweeter taste)
      – handful of crushed mint leaves
      – ice

      Put everything in one big jar and wait for a maximum of 5 minutes. If you don’t like the bitter taste you can try to steep it for only 1 minute and go up from there to see which strength you prefer the most.

      Healthy Peach Iced Tea Recipe

      This peach iced tea is one of our favorites. It’s not only delicious and refreshing but healthy and helps with digestion.

      healthy iced tea recipes -peach iced tea

      Peach Iced Tea Ingredients:

      – 2 organic lemongrass tea bags
      – 3 thinly sliced peach
      – 2 thinly sliced ginger coin
      – 4 cups of hot water
      – 1 tbs organic coconut sugar (if you prefer a sweeter taste)
      – handful of crushed mint leaves (if you like)
      – ice

      You make it as usual. Just put everything together in a big jar and steep the lemongrass tea bags with other ingredients for about 10-15 minutes.

      Healthy Mint Tea Recipe

      healthy mint iced tea recipe

      This mint tea recipe is simple yet healthy and refreshing. Most people make the mistake of making this tea with black tea instead of mint tea bags. It’ll also make a big difference if you make it with mint tea or peppermint tea. We prefer mint tea over peppermint but you can make it with both it really depends on your taste. It’s one of our favorite healthy iced tea recipes that’s a perfect refresher for summer parties too.

      Homemade Mint tea ingredients:

      – 2 organic Moroccan Mint Teabags
      – 1 thinly sliced lime
      – 4 cups of hot water
      – 1 tbs organic coconut sugar (if you prefer a sweeter taste)
      – handful of crushed mint leaves (for extra fresh taste)
      – ice

      Put everything in a jar and steep the mint tea bags for 5 to 10 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea.

      Healthy Vegan Thai Tea Recipe

      healthy vegan Thai iced tea recipe

      This delicious vegan Thai tea recipe will be your new favorite if you prefer creamy and sweet teas. Unfortunately, the traditional Thai tea is not the healthiest. However, you can easily use vegan and healthier substitutes to make a delicious and healthy Thai tea. It’s for sure one of our favorite healthy iced tea recipes that’s a big hit with kids and adults alike.

      However, you’ll have to be more careful with this tea since the original black Thai tea has caffeine in it.

      Homemade Vegan Thai Iced tea ingredients:

      – 2 bags of  Thai tea
      – 2 cups of hot water
      – 4 tbs organic coconut sugar (if you prefer a sweeter taste)
      – 4 tbs condensed coconut milk
      – 3 cups of coconut milk
      – ice

      Boil the water and add the tea. Let it steep for 20-30 minutes. The longer the better. Then take out the bags or filter them with a cloth filter and add the rest of the ingredients.


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