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Explore some of the best healthy vegan & keto meal plans, cookbooks, & challenges For beginners and busy people. Our quick but detailed reviews will give you a good understanding why these programs and cookbooks work and even if you choose to go with others you’ll know what to look for in a cookbook or meal plan that will work for you on a long term basis.

best vegan keto meal plans

Switching to a Keto diet is not easy and going vegan is even harder. However, non of these things are impossible if you’ve got the right guides. The main problem for beginners is time. Time to find the right meals that are healthy and flavorful, learning the ins and outs of a new diet, the supplements you might need, and what to look out for.

That’s why we collected some of the best vegan and keto cookbooks and challenges that offer great help for beginners and for those who tried to change their diet before but failed. The best way to make sure you’ll succeed is to get help. Normal people can’t afford nutritionists and private chefs who will help them build a whole new diet that’s healthy and delicious so you stop slipping and eventually quitting.

Go for a plan that makes you commit while also helps you understand your new diet on a deep level, easy to follow, create these new healthy dishes faster. Our selection offers starter kits, guides, as well as practical tips, and tricks you’ll be able to use from day one and every day to make your dietary change a healthy and successful one. For more yummy and healthy vegan meal prep ideas check out our guide for beginners with recipes under 30 minutes.

Healthy Plant Based & Keto Meal Plans, Cookbooks, & Challenges For Beginners

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Vegan & Keto Meal Plans For Beginners

5. Custom Keto Diet

Custom keto diet 8 week meal plan

It doesn’t really get easier or more comfortable than Custom Keto Diet when it comes to trying Keto the first time. Their custom plans are perfect for both men and women which makes it a great choice for couples who want to embark on this experience together.

The custom keto diet is easy to use and is a brand new product that allows users to create their very own keto diet plan based on their food preferences, daily activity levels, height, weight, and target weight goals.

Their eight-week meal plan is not only filled with delicious and healthy dishes but, are created based on the expertise of certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs. You’ll also get detailed recipes with step-by-step instructions to make meal preparation super simple which makes it perfect for beginner cooks as well.

They also include a weekly shopping list and you can also customize your meal plan anytime you feel like it but still keeping it healthy and delicious.

Team Herbivore - Vegan mug, mug for vegans,

4. Plant Based Recipe Cookbook With 100+ Done-for-you Vegan Recipes

best plant based diet cookbook for beginners

This stunning program is a great help for beginners who are looking for an all in one option that gives them not only healthy and delicious plant based recipes but also gives clear meal prep instructions, and a complete grocery shopping list and food table. Their dishes are really yummy and will wow even non vegans as well. It also makes the transition easier to plant based food because you’ll be able to treat yourself with delicious dishes easily.

It really helps you save time and energy while it lets you experience the many benefits of a healthy plant based diet from the get go. They also included a green juice guide with plenty of recipes for those who want to learn more about juicing and looking to gain more energy through a healthier plant based diet.

We especially love that their plans are easy to use, clear, and their recipes are truly yummy while healthy and easy to make even for beginners or those who lead a busy lifestyle. With their 30-day jump start guide, no newbie will have any issues with successfully changing their diet to a healthy and flavorful plant based one.

3. Healthy Keto Breads CookBook With Over 35 Keto Friendly recipes with 5g net carbs or less

Healthy Keto Breads Cookbooks

Keto Breads Cookbook is one of our favorite. Even those who don’t want to go fully vegan agree that gluten and sugar are damaging to our health. However, it is pretty hard to quit on bread completely. Keto Breads cookbook offers surprisingly delicious versions of our favorite crunchy and fluffy breads but a much-much healthier way.

Quitting on traditional grocery store bread is not only important if you want to lose weight but if you want to lead a healthy diet. Most Keto diet meal plans rather just cut out bread altogether instead of offering a solution that’s both healthy and tasty. These delicious recipes will help you make it easier to follow a healthy Keto diet plan even if you’re a beginner.

Their recipes are not only healthy but easy to follow. It’s great for those who suffer from celiac disease as well as for those who simply want to cut gluten out of their diet and want a healthy homemade version instead of quitting bread forever.

2. 28-Day Keto Challenge with meal plans, guides, & Cookbooks

Keto challenge and meal plan

This 28-Day Keto Challenge is perfect for beginners or busy people who want a little help with easily planning a healthy keto diet. Their challenge is clear, easy to follow filled with yummy and healthy recipes that will make your daily life and transition to a keto diet easier.

They also offer great keto meal planning that’s truly beneficial to beginners and those who often slip on their because they have no time to plan accordingly. Their plan will give you an excellent understanding of how Keto works as well as what and when to eat to make it work for you the best possible way.

They even have plans that are suitable for you and your friends so you can take on this challenge together and work together on a healthier keto based diet. Their cookbooks are also amazing they created easy and flavorful recipes for those who are craving sweet and salty dishes, snacks or desserts.

With their 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee it’s a no brainer.

1. 1-month Vegan Diet Challenge For Beginners, with starter kit, meal plans, & guides

vegan diet challenge

This vegan challenge is the perfect choice for beginners and for those who tried to go vegan before but failed. During the 28-day you’ll not only get introduced to delicious and easy to make healthy vegan recipes but also get a comprehensive guide, tips, and a starter kit to make your transition to vegan based diet easier and healthier.

Their guides will help you make easy and flavorful breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and even snacks. Their starter kit is super helpful because it will give you practical and useful tips on switching to vegan diet, the lifestyle changes you might face, essential ingredients you’ll need, healthy substitutes to dairy, meat and everything else.

However, the main reason why this is an excellent program is because they focus on teaching everyone how o become a healthy vegan. you’ll easily learn about how to build a healthy vegan diet that you will be able to actually stick to on a long term.

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